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This manual contains 12 works by Pushkin ('The Shot,' 'The Station Inspector'), and also texts about places related to Pushkin in St. Petersburg. All texts are supplemented with exercises. At the end of the manual is a word list and supplement for the t


The story chronicles the experiences of a man who decides that there is nothing of any value in the world. Slipping into nihilism with the ?terrible anguish? he is determined to commit suicide. A chance encounter with a young girl, however, begins the man


This reader contains works from modern Russian authors, all of which are very significant in the context of modern Russian literature. All of the texts are accompanied with lexical, stylistic, grammatical and literary commentaries, which give necessary in


This is a great collection of short stories for learners of Russian. It is designed for intermediate/advanced level students and it introduces them to the famous and talented Russian authors, such as, Ivan Bunin, Nadezhda Teffi, Arkadii Averchenko, Vladim


A story of a young man from France, who came to Russia to work and to travel. Illustrated with multiple colorful images of various Russian sites.


A romantic love story by Dostoevsky. The text is adapted for the level of 2300 frequently used words and supplied with stresses. It provides exercises, tests, keys to the exercises, vocabulary and illustrations.


A collection of short stories and exercises for learners of Russian with a focus on Russian winter.


The book includes several tales of the famous Russian satirist of the XIX century M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin. These tales are written for adult readers as many of them contain satire and social commentary. They surprisingly organically combine fantasy, irony and reality, and seem quite relevant today! The text of fairy tales is adapted (B2), accompanied by...


The story "Lieutenant Kizhe" was written by Yuri Tynianov in the beginning of the 20th century. The story is based on a historical anecdote from the times of reign of the Russian Emperor Pavel I. As a result of a clerical error, an non-existent officer with a strange name Kizhe appeared in the documents and later made a fantastic career. The text of the...


Reader for advanced students is focused on typical stereotypes people have about Russia and Russians (including Russians themselves!). The texts help clarify and explain most common misconceptions about Russian culture and Russian character. The text will help build vocabulary, practice grammar, and learn regional Russian geography.


Short stories for reading and discussion. Stories tell about life of foreigners (from all over the world) in Russia. Each story presents a certain situation, typical for living in Russia. Questions after each text are designed to stimulate a discussion. D


Texts and poetry that focus on the Russian autumn using various classic pieces and teach allusions and poetic methaphors to intermediate-level students. Manual includes instructions and exercises.


New mystery novel now available for intermediate level readers!


Reader for the beginners level. Covers basic grammar, vocabulary. Contains glossary, exercises, illustrations. Level: I. Total words used: under 760.


Manual on speaking practice for intermediate-advanced level. Edition includes 28 stories in pictures and as texts, with questions and activities after each text.


One of the most famous works of Russian literature, the four-act comedy in verse Woe from Wit skewers staid, nineteenth century Russian society, and it positively teems with ?winged phrases? that are essential colloquialisms for students of Russian and Ru


A look at the life and work of Bulat Okudzhava, King of the Bards. Thematic sections have short introductions, and all poems and stories in this volume are presented side by side in English and Russian. Includes fiction, nonfiction, autobiographical works


The author of masterful short stories, plays, novellas and novels, Ivan Turgenev seemed to have a particular gift for writing about nature and about social iniquities. We give him our full bilingual treatment, with English and accented Russian texts runni


An interesting story for children illustrated by Suteev, a noted Soviet illustrator.


Little gilrl Peppi has been popular among children for over fifty years now. Beautifully illustrated story about Peppi's adventires in the country house named "Kuritsa".

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