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25 short stories by different authors with exercises, commentaries, and quesitons.


A reader includes a short story about a young girl who grew up in a small Dagestan village and then grew up to become a kamikaze in Moscow bombings.


Данное пособие предназначено для занятий по русскому языку с иностранными студентами в группах технического профиля обучения на I и II курсах, а также для аспирантов, стажеров и всех, кто интересуется наукой, техникой, жизнью и творчеством выдающихся ученых-физиков.Пособие знакомит иностранных студентов с жизнью и творчеством Альберта Эйнштейна, Николы...


В книге представлены юмористические рассказы известного русского писателя первой четверти XX века А.Т. Аверченко.Читатель откроет для себя удивительного автора, которого за великолепный юмор в рассказах современники называли "королем смеха".Текст рассказов адаптирован (B2), сопровождается комментарием, заданиями на понимание прочитанного и на развитие...


В книге представлен рассказ известного русского писателя первой трети XX века Максима Горького.Это необыкновенная история, в которой реальность переплетается с мистикой. Героиня рассказа встречается в парке с таинственным незнакомцем. Он оказывается литературным персонажем из одного незаконченного романа. И этот выдуманный персонаж серьезно меняет судьбы...


В книге представлен рассказ "Голубое и зеленое" известного русского писателя середины XX века Ю.П. Казакова. Это романтическая история о московском десятикласснике, к которому пришла первая любовь


Reader for those learning Russian. Level 2: 1300 word vocabulary. Contains 2 versions of the Kavkazskii plennik story: the first based on L. Tolstoi's story and the second based on the recent film, Prisoner of the Mountains. Contains adapted texts with


Annotated reader with three stories by Lyudmila Ulitskaya includes exercises, assignments, and a full glossary.


This annotated edition of ?Bronka? introduces students of Russian to a profoundly moving story by Ludmila Ulitskaya, one of Russia?s most important contemporary novelists and short story writers. Ulitskaya?s elegant prose, and her detailed descriptions of


About That Which Did Not Happen, an annotated Russian reader, is intended for low-intermediate and intermediate level students of Russian (B1-B2, TRKI I-II). The story is a dynamic narrative by the well-known author Victoria Tokareva about one doctor's li


A romantic love story by Dostoevsky. The text is adapted for the level of 2300 frequently used words and supplied with stresses. It provides exercises, tests, keys to the exercises, vocabulary and illustrations.


The manual will help practice speaking skills and will help to master communication skills in basic situations, such as meeting new people, everyday conversations, life in the city, touring the city, visiting friends, hobbies, talking about weather, talki


A collection of over 100 texts with exercises for students who learn Russian. New lexicon is translated into English. For basic-intermediate level.


This is a great collection of short stories for learners of Russian. It is designed for intermediate/advanced level students and it introduces them to the famous and talented Russian authors, such as, Ivan Bunin, Nadezhda Teffi, Arkadii Averchenko, Vladim


25 excerpts from chapters from Eugene Onegin. For group reading and discussion.


The adapted text of the popular short story. The text supplies with the stress marks, questions and tasks, including tests, keys, and illustrations.


The book introduces one of the most popular modern writers. It contains not adapted text, comments, pre-text exercises, keys to the exercises, vocabulary list and illustrations.


Rasputin's works depict rootless urban characters and the fight for survival of centuries-old traditional rural ways of life. Rasputin covers complex questions of ethics and spiritual revival. Russian reader with selected short stories, explanatory notes,


Bilingual edition of the adventures of Robin Hood, Friar Tuck and others as they struggle against the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham.

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