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A collection of short stories and exercises for learners of Russian with a focus on Russian winter.


The author of this book, a well-known linguist, pedagogue and professor, has written over 70 books and articles, including 10 textbooks and educational manuals. In his most recent contribution, Bogomolov has collected articles from journals, newspapers, television, and magazines into one volume to help foreign students acquire Russian in a practical and...


Reader for advanced students is focused on typical stereotypes people have about Russia and Russians (including Russians themselves!). The texts help clarify and explain most common misconceptions about Russian culture and Russian character. The text will help build vocabulary, practice grammar, and learn regional Russian geography.


The story "Lieutenant Kizhe" was written by Yuri Tynianov in the beginning of the 20th century. The story is based on a historical anecdote from the times of reign of the Russian Emperor Pavel I. As a result of a clerical error, an non-existent officer with a strange name Kizhe appeared in the documents and later made a fantastic career. The text of the...


The book includes several tales of the famous Russian satirist of the XIX century M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin. These tales are written for adult readers as many of them contain satire and social commentary. They surprisingly organically combine fantasy, irony and reality, and seem quite relevant today! The text of fairy tales is adapted (B2), accompanied by...


This is a funny short story called "Cat Sapiens, or Intelligent Cat." The story is written from the point of view of a cat name Barsik who describes his experiences and adventures. Barsik lives in a big family and he talks about it with a lot of humor. This story received the Best Children’s Book Award in 2015. The story is adapted for intermediate level...


Reader for the beginners level. Covers basic grammar, vocabulary. Contains glossary, exercises, illustrations. Level: I. Total words used: under 760.


New mystery novel now available for intermediate level readers!In 1882, after six years of foreign travel and adventure, renowned diplomat and detective Erast Fandorin returns to Moscow in the heart of Mother Russia. His Moscow homecoming is anything but peaceful. In the hotel where he and his loyal if impertinent manservant Masa are staying, Fandorin’s...


Prose and poetry that focus on the Russian autumn using various classic pieces that teach allusions and poetic methaphors to intermediate-level students. Manual includes instructions and exercises.


Manual with short funny texts, jokes, crosswords, activities, and various exercises for intermediate level students (B1).


The author of masterful short stories, plays, novellas and novels, Ivan Turgenev seemed to have a particular gift for writing about nature and about social iniquities. He also seemed to have a unique ability for attracting controversy to himself, be it because of his views (he was thrown in prison for the obituary he wrote for Gogol) or his actions...


One of the most famous works of Russian literature, the four-act comedy in verse Woe from Wit skewers staid, nineteenth century Russian society, and it positively teems with “winged phrases” that are essential colloquialisms for students of Russian and Russian culture.


Little gilrl Peppi has been popular among children for over fifty years now. Beautifully illustrated story about Peppi's adventires in the country house named "Kuritsa".


A collection of funny short stories for small children. The book is beautifully illustrated.


The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish by A.S. Pushkin is a fairy tale told in free verse. The story is about a Golden Fish who when caught in a fisherman?s net, begs in a human voice to be returned to the sea. She promises to grant the fisherman whatever he wishes if he does what she asks. The fisherman declares he does not need a reward, but his wife...


A reader includes a short story about a young girl who grew up in a small Dagestan village and then grew up to become a kamikaze in Moscow bombings.


25 short stories by different authors with exercises, commentaries, and quesitons.


В книге представлены юмористические рассказы известного русского писателя первой четверти XX века А.Т. Аверченко.Читатель откроет для себя удивительного автора, которого за великолепный юмор в рассказах современники называли "королем смеха".Текст рассказов адаптирован (B2), сопровождается комментарием, заданиями на понимание прочитанного и на развитие...


Данное пособие предназначено для занятий по русскому языку с иностранными студентами в группах технического профиля обучения на I и II курсах, а также для аспирантов, стажеров и всех, кто интересуется наукой, техникой, жизнью и творчеством выдающихся ученых-физиков.Пособие знакомит иностранных студентов с жизнью и творчеством Альберта Эйнштейна, Николы...


В книге представлен рассказ "Голубое и зеленое" известного русского писателя середины XX века Ю.П. Казакова. Это романтическая история о московском десятикласснике, к которому пришла первая любовь


Reader for those learning Russian. Level 2: 1300 word vocabulary. Contains 2 versions of the Kavkazskii plennik story: the first based on L. Tolstoi's story and the second based on the recent film, Prisoner of the Mountains. Contains adapted texts with


Rasputin's works depict rootless urban characters and the fight for survival of centuries-old traditional rural ways of life. Rasputin covers complex questions of ethics and spiritual revival. Russian reader with selected short stories, explanatory notes,


The book introduces one of the most popular modern writers. It contains not adapted text, comments, pre-text exercises, keys to the exercises, vocabulary list and illustrations.


Bilingual edition of the adventures of Robin Hood, Friar Tuck and others as they struggle against the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham.


A collection of over 100 texts with exercises for students who learn Russian. New lexicon is translated into English. For basic-intermediate level.


The manual will help practice speaking skills and will help to master communication skills in basic situations, such as meeting new people, everyday conversations, life in the city, touring the city, visiting friends, hobbies, talking about weather, talki


The adapted text of the popular short story. The text supplies with the stress marks, questions and tasks, including tests, keys, and illustrations.

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