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A series of books "We read by syllables" is designed for parents and teachers who teach children to read. Adapted texts of short stories and tales will help your children to successfully join the magic world of Russian classical literature. Short sentences are typed in large print, words are divided into syllables, there are no word transfers. All this...

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A tale in verses about a boy who did not want to wash his face and his hands and what happened to him. Age level: 4-8 years.

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Illustrated by Vasnetsov. Beautiful book about a Crocodile who ate the Sun and how it was rescued. Age level: 2-5 years.

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A collection of six poems by Tatiana Nikolina: Straw House Lane, Beavers' Song, Hippopotamus, Scandal at the Zoo, Walrus, Lilac Wind. Illustrations on every page.

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A fun poem about an old lady who discovered five misbehaving frogs in her apartment. How to make them behave and stop the mess?

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An exciting story in verses about a Cockroach who scared everybody. Age level: 4-8 years.


Что вас ждет под обложкой:  Новая книга «Я читаю и понимаю слова» как нельзя лучше подходит для обучения детей чтению. Интересные задания и подборки слов от простого к сложному: сначала читаем односложные слова и выбираем обобщения, далее слова из двух слогов, учимся составлять пары слов, отмечая нужные варианты карандашами,


This amazing alphabet with the words will introduce your child to letters, syllables, help develop the skills of writing and reading. The book is great for preschool education. Thanks to colorful pictures and various tasks the kid can not get bored.


A workbook for children who learn how to read Russian. It teaches basic reading and beginning composition. Age level: 5-8 years.

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