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This manual is specifically for foreign students who will be studying in Russia, and who know Russian at least at level B2 and want to become acquainted with Russian theater-musical culture. The purpose of this manual is to prepare pupils for understanding, interpreting and subsequently discussing products from the Russian musical-theater culture. Texts...


The main purpose of it is to build vocabulary that covers basic medical situations and conditions, and expand knowledge of Russian grammar. The authentic sources for the textbook are taken from spoken and written professional language, which allow students to adapt fast in learning. Level: Intermediate. Skills: Use of vocabulary and grammar. Topics: Work...


For students of Russian and trainees of medicine, who know Russian at the Certificate Level I. The course book is designed for the preparation for communication with patients and making entries in a patient's medical book. Level: B1.


A manual on speaking skills development. Major lexicon covers the interactions between patients and doctors.


Specialized reader that discusses economics, trade, and more specifically, modern Russian economy.


Manual for medical students to help build clinical interview vocabulary (description of illness, symptoms, and treatment).


Level A2. Manual for rescue workers and emergency responders who need to use Russian in their work. Includes lexicon that covers all basic emergency situations and lists common speech patterns and phrases related to various situations.

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