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Level B2. The textbook includes modern lexicon and grammar for learners of Russian interested in diplomatic work and international relations.


Учебный комплекс предназначен для англоговорящих учащихся на начальном этапе обучения, которые хотят в короткие сроки научиться говорить по-русски в различных бытовых ситуациях. Состоит из учебника, рабочей тетради, книги для преподавателя и двух CD.Книга


Three sections (Meeting People, Family Life, and Customer Service) cover 16 topics. Each topic is presented by a basic text, questions and answers, dialogues and additional materials for more advanced students. Each section contains texts for reading and/or listening. Grammar references, poems, songs and pictures are given in the supplement. Includes...


Workbook for the textbook with the same title is designed for students who already know Russian at the basic level (A2). It can be used to accompany the materials covered in the textbook, or as an independent workbook for preparation for the Test for the 1st Level Certificate Test in Russian.


Introducing our new textbook, Road to Russia, the course for beginning students. It is a completely revised and updated edition of original Russian course Road to Russia. It is written specifically for North American students and is ideally suited for use


This intensive communicative course of Russian for adult learners designed for 120 - 150 hours. Each lesson includes useful phrases, explanatory notes on grammar, a text, pre-text exercises, role-play tasks and jokes, and other assignments.


This course is designed for 80-120 hours and offers a good introduction of the Russian language. The communicative and grammatical teaching approaches have been successfully combined in this textbook. The dictionary includes lexicon in English, German and French.


The second part (volume 2) of a popular course of Russian is intended for continuing to study Russian at a basic level (A2). The goal is maintenance and further mastering of different aspects of language and kinds of speech activity. The textbook includes game tasks, keys, the audio supplement.


The textbook was recommended by the Expert Commission of the Russian State testing system for foreign citizens. This textbook is designed for students who begin to study Russian at the college setting. The material of the textbook prepares students for passing Elementary level test in Russian as a foreign language. The course is designed for 100-120...

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This workbook complements the Russian in an Easy Way textbook to extend the studying experience. The well structured exercises reinforce and help consolidate the material introduced in each chapter. It touches on various aspects of the lessons in the main


The material of the textbook prepares students  to learn Russian in order to pass Basic level test in Russian language and get the appropriate certificate. The second  part includes grammar topics: Declination of nouns with pronouns and adjectives; Pronouns. Level A2.


Volume one of the two-volume set for the I level (intermediate). The set represents the third part of the Road to Russia course and intended for intermediate level (B1). Includes audio supplement on CD.


ZHYLI-BYLI (ONCE UPON A TIME...) 28 Lessons of Russian for Beginners. Work-book. The work-book contains exercises to each lesson of the textbook. Audio-supplement available.


The textbook for the intermediate level learners continues intensive course of Russian. Materials of this textbook include 12 lessons (Family, House, City, Shopping, Education, Traditions, etc.) and designed for approximately 120 hours of study. Audio supplement is available.


Manual specially written for the teachers who use Once Upon a Time... 28 lessons in their classrooms. Contains useful recommendations and suggestions from the authors of the course.


This textbook is designed for students who begin to learn Russian. It starts with alphabet and gradually introduces students to the common phrases, widely used lexicon, and contemporary Russian culture. Textbook contains plenty of colored photographs on every page, and offers grammar explanations as well as exercises. In addition to the book there is a...


Textbook for the intermediate level (B2) provides exercises and explanations for developing good listening skills. Includes audio supplement on MP3 CD (147 minutes of sound time).


Level 1, Volume 2 of the textbook for intermediate/advanced level adult learners of Russian. Includes audio supplement.


The textbook is designed for students who know Russian at the basic level (A2). It can be used in classroom or in independent study. The textbook can be used in preparation for and taking the 1st Level (B1) Certificate Test in Russian.


The textbook reflects all important aspects of contemporary Russian life. It talks about Russian youth and its challenges, Russian music life, religion in Russia, today's Russian literature.


The manual includes 15 topics, among them: "Let's get acquainted", "Where are you from", "The family", "To Buy or not to Buy",  "City, transport, pedestrian", "Everything is Known through Comparison", "Leisure Time", "Theater, Movies, TV". Tasks are translated into English.

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