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The workbook has a lesson structure and is fully consistent with the material of the textbook. Designed for independent work of students at home. It can also be used as an additional training material for the textbook.


The educational complex is designed for foreign students starting to learn Russian from scratch. Consists of their textbook, workbook, teacher's book, student CD, and teacher's CD. The textbook is divided into two parts: the main and the application. The main part is 10 sections of 3 lessons each, at the end of the sections we find the ?Review? section...


The complex is designed for beginners to learn Russian and consists of two parts (1.1 and 1.2), each of which includes a textbook, a workbook and an audio application. Calculated on average 80 - 120 hours of classroom work. The objective of the course is to ensure the rapid output of language material to speech based on the interrelated learning of all...


The second part (Volume 1) of a popular course of Russian for grownups is intended for continuing to study Russian at a basic level (A2). The textbook is designed on the average for 80-120 hours. The goal is maintenance of fast mastering of different aspects of language and kinds of speech activities. Grammatical and colloquial courses are combined. The...


This is a new edition of the popular textbook. Published in 2010, it reflects all important aspects of contemporary Russian life. It talks about Russian youth and its challenges, Russian music life, religion in Russia, today's Russian literature.


Textbook for learners of Russian. This is a third book in a comprehensive course "Russian: 5 Elements" and it is intended for students on levels B1 (Low Intermediate) - I (Intermediate).


Introducing our new textbook, Road to Russia, the course for beginning students. It is a completely revised and updated edition of original Russian course Road to Russia. It is written specifically for North American students and is ideally suited for use in undergraduate courses, high schools, and adult education courses. The course consists of 15...

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Includes audio CD. This manual is designed for the English speaker at the beginners level, who would like to start speaking Russian and use simple constructs and basic grammar.


Texts, exercises and grammar (in tables and comments) for studetns who learn Russian on basic-intermediate level. 10 chapters are designed for 150-180 academic hours of study.


The course presented in the book is aimed at developing oral language skills and is intended for those who have just recently begun to learn Russian. of the first lessons. The material of the allowance is compiled in accordance with the requirements for attaining an elementary level of language proficiency (A1) and is calculated approximately for the...


New 2009 version of the course. The fist part of the course Window to Russia focuses on development of speaking and writing skills at the II-III level (B2-C1). It includes live dialogues, up-to-date information on contemporary Russia, discussions of current problems of the post-Soviet society, work with texts written in different genres and styles. The...


The textbook for the intermediate level learners continues intensive course of Russian. Materials of this textbook include 12 lessons (Family, House, City, Shopping, Education, Traditions, etc.) and designed for approximately 120 hours of study. Audio sup


This workbook complements the Russian in an Easy Way textbook to extend the studying experience. The well structured exercises reinforce and help consolidate the material introduced in each chapter. It touches on various aspects of the lessons in the main


The second part of the course focuses on the speaking skills and topics associated with everyday communication. Includes audio supplement on a CD.


The purpose of the third part of the textbook is to continue to form pupils' speech skills that allow them to meet their communicative needs in the social, social, cultural, educational and professional sphere of communication and meet the requirements of the First Certification Level. Level B1


The textbook includes seven themes, each of which takes about 8-10 academic hours to cover. It is aimed at building vocabulary and mastering listening skills, reading, writing, and speaking in the language of mass media. Each topic is complemented with a


Russian for beginners. Part 1 of the two-part course by the the same author. Includes audio supplement on CD.


Russian. Intermediate level. Part 2 of Russian for Beginners of the same author.


Workbook for the "Russian Mosaic" course for intermediate level. Recommended for short-term courses (80 hours of classroom work). Level B1-B2.


Three sections (Meeting People, Family Life, and Customer Service) cover 16 topics. Each topic is presented by a basic text, questions and answers, dialogues and additional materials for more advanced students. Each section contains texts for reading and/or listening. Grammar references, poems, songs and pictures are given in the supplement. Includes...

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