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The book by the famous Russian folklorist writer Boris Viktorovich Shergin (1893-1973) contains his most famous works expressing the spiritual riches of the folk word of the Russian North.


The fate and personality of Andrei Platonov (1899?1951), the genius and the most unusual Russian writer of the twentieth century, the classic of world literature, is the same mystery as his works. Platonov's letters collected in one volume are an invaluable source for understanding the author?s life and work Chevengur and The Pit , an organic part of the...


The book examines the process of forming literature as a cultural institution in Western Europe in the 19th century and reveals the relationship between two seemingly distant phenomena of cultural life: the ?bourgeois century? and the ?literature age?. Th


The book examines the non-artistic works of Leo Tolstoy: diaries, correspondence, Confession, autobiographical excerpts and the treatise "So what do we do?". This is an analysis of how throughout life Tolstoy tried to describe and define his creating a st


With a deep semantic unity, the prose of Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008) is distinguished by an amazing poetic variety. In the early 1960s, this was felt by the readers of the first published stories of an unexpectedly great, truly new writer: "One Day by Ivan Denisovich" was followed by strongly dissimilar with him "The Case at Kochetovka Station" and...


Эта книна о крупнейшем пакистанском поэте, последнем классике поэзии на языке урду ХХ в. Фаиза Ахмада Фаиза (1911–1984). Он был уважаем в Советском Союзе, был награжден Международной премией мира "За укрепление мира между народами", – но отнюдь не был ком

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Theme of Money in Russian literature. The examples from Fonvizin, Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoevsky and Chekhov are used.

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The book represents a collection of memoirs about Lermontov from his family and friends. Many points of view help to recreate the personality of a great poet.

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Book contains poems that everyone knows as poems, or as songs, but not many people know who wrote them and when. This editions provides reference for those poems and their authors.

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A collection of essays devoted to narrating and comprehension of historic processes.

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THE LANGUAGE OF THE RUSSIAN EMIGRANT PRESS (1919-1939). The book reflects results of the research based on a material of the richest foreign archives. It is addressed to experts in the field of language of press, language and culture of Russian abroad an

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This book is about Das Kapital by Karl Marx. What do we know about this book? What do we know about marxism? The author gives the book's summary and provides background for better understanding the content of the original text.

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Texts and letters of Gogol, all about spiritual growth and personal development.

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Lermontov's personality and his creative works. This book was first written and published in 1891.

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The book "Between Day and Night. Contemplations about Gogol" is a historical and philosophical research of life and art of Nikolay Gogol. The book is richly illustrated with photographs of the memorable places, related to Gogol's life. Big format, glossy

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Polemic essays about Pushikn's persona in traditional literary criticism.

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