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Recorded conversations of Ivan Tolstoy (journalist and writer) and Boris Paramonov about literature and creative process.


Literary master class. Learn from Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dickens, Hemingway and many other modern and classical authors. This book illustrates how great authors used writing methods and provides multiple exampes for reflection and practice. The book will inspi


100 greatest literary heroes of all times from Gilgamesh to Dunno. Author included characters from Ancient, Asian, American, English, Belgian, Danish, Irish, Italian, Spanish, Latin-American, German, Norwegian, French, Czech, Russian, and Soviet literature.

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"Yuri Mikhailovich Lotman is an internationally renowned scientist, philologist and cultural expert, full member of the Academy of Sciences of Estonia, Norway and Sweden, honorary doctor of many universities, his works have been translated into the main E


Counting reading as "everyday life of happiness," the author gambly shares it with everyone who is ready to listen to the tense dialogue of the mother scribe with his favorite books. "Reader's skill, he assures, is polished all his life, never reaching th


Венедикт Ерофеев - явление в русской литературе яркое и неоднозначное. Его знаменитая поэма «Москва - Петушки», написанная еще в 1970 году, - своего рода философская притча, произведение вне времени, ведь Ерофеев создал в книге свой мир, свою вселенную, в


Chronicles of juxtaposition of Anna Akhmatova and Marina Tsvetaeva. This volume represents a meticulously combined notes of all existing juxtapositions of the two famous poetesses in the essays, articles of literary critics, and historians of Russian poet

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Книга посвящена теории и практике литературного псевдонима, сосредоточиваясь на бытовании этого явления в рамках литературы русского зарубежья. В сборник вошли статьи ученых из России, Германии, Эстонии, Латвии, Литвы, Италии, Израиля, Чехии, Грузии и Бол

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Книга Михаила Ямпольского предлагает необычный взгляд на творчество одного из лидеров современного российского авангарда Дмитрия Александровича Пригова. Обычно Пригов интерпретируется как один из главных представителей отечественного концептуализма. Такой

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The collection of materials and publications presented at the international conference called 'Reading Dovlatov. City Culture' (25 authentic texts prepared by experts on Dovlatov's texts, culture, and literature).

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Author offers a thorough examination of creative life of the famous Russian writer and poet and his relationships with Stalin.

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В "Литературном дневнике" поэтессы Зинаиды Гиппиус, одного из виднейших представителей Серебряного века, представлена широкая картина русской художественной культуры - картина тревожная, отражающая кризис духовных основ и непримиримую борьбу течений внутр

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The readers know Boris Pasternak as a subtle lyric poet. However, his creative maturity coincided with the post-revolutionary era that required new products from the poet - lyricists suddenly found themselves on the margins of poetry. In the early 1920s P

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The collection presents 24 authors with introduction, bibliography, and an abridged play.

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В «Очерках» Милюков показал большую роль государства в формировании русского общества, утверждая, что Россия, несмотря на свои особенности, шла европейским путем развития, а также привёл свои доводы относительно приспособляемости русского «национального т

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The book contains analysis of the I.Bunin, A.Block, V.Maiakovsky's pieces.

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From Pushkin to Kibirov. Essays about Russian literature, mostly poetry of XIX-XX century. Special attention is paid to A.Belyi, V.Briusov, B.Pasternak and to the epoch of modernism (A.Galich, V.Vysotsky, J. Brodsky, T. Kibirov, etc.). Some of the article

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This edition is about the Judaic chapters of the novel 'Master and Margaret' by Mikhail Bulgakov.

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The book describes the life and creative work of David Burliuk, "father of Russia's futurism", as he was entitles following the example of Vasily Kandinskii. All that has been published about this legendary person - artist and poet, researcher of culture

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Literary research includes notes and discoveries collected during over 40 years of work as a literary critic. Most texts devoted to Turgenev, other subjects are Griboedov, Baratynsky, Goncharov, Nekrasov, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, and some others.

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Psychological and hermeneutic analysis of Vysotsky's texts, letters, and his personality.

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This is a collection of essays about the relationship of the writer with the culture aborad. Zinik writes about Russian literature from the times of iron curtain and to the present days.

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