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The book discusses ways of preserving Russian language skills in children who live outside of Russia.


Manual includes activities and assignments to help practice speaking skills.


The manual examines the theoretical aspects of teaching Russian as a foreign language, the current problems of the pedagogical science, the methods of teaching speaking skills and the core aspects of the Russian language. Unlike other manuals on the method of teaching Russian as a foreign language, this edition contains such sections as "Sociolinguistic...


Данное издание является частью учебно-методического комплекса «Русский язык: 5 элементов» и представляет собой книгу для преподавателя к учебнику уровня А2(базового уровня). В книге содержатся методические рекомендации по работе с комплексом, поурочные комментарии к учебнику, а также диск с многочисленными дополнительными материалами (играми, рисунками,...


A collection of articles by different authors about the nature of bilingualizm and the aspects of language learning.


В сборник вошли рабочие программы по русскому языку и литературе для 5-9 классов, рекомендуемые для использования в общеобразовательных учреждениях с многонациональным составом учащихся, а также школах с родным (нерусским) и русским (неродным) языком обуч


Данное методическое пособие призвано помочь учителю разобраться в особенностях современной методической системы по русскому языку, применяемой в образовательных учреждениях различного типа, в том числе в школах с русским (неродным) и родным (нерусским) яз


Tests on Russian Language skills. Basic level. Includes separate tests for Lexicon, Grammar, Audio Comprehension, Reading, Writing, Speaking. Includes answer keys.


The book is devoted to the theoretical issue of children' multilingualism, and also to practical methods of formation multilingualism in preschool or primary school. Contains examples of teaching materials and some methods of work. It is addressed to teac


Manual for teachers of Russian as a second language discusses teaching techniques for working with children.


Пособие содержит систематизированный справочный материал по русскому языку и речеведению в соответствии с авторской рабочей программой и учебниками, рекомендованными Министерством образования и науки Российской Федерации и включёнными в Федеральный перече


A monograph on bilinguism in children: how it form, what are the peculiarities of its development and difficulties in mainaining it.


Manual for emigrant families who rase 3-7-year old children. The volume includes recommendations and advice for daily activities and offers useful reference material on child development.


Teachers' task book with methods and techniques to teach Russian as a foreing language. Includes 11 chapters on relevant teaching topics, in addition to recommended books and manuals.


The book includes 111 answers to typical questions teachers and parents have about teaching children Russian language outside of Russia. The manual talks about multilingual children and they ways of teaching them Russian inside and outside of their family


Manual discusses the methods and techniques of teaching Russian as a foreign language. This book describes methods and technologies for teaching, and focuses on those which are widely used in teaching Russian as a foreign language. The book examines the


Have you ever wondered how it is possible to identify a foreigner in a crowd, even if he doesn't say anything? This collection of lectures is intended for those whose professional activities involve them with a foreign audience: foreign language teachers,


For the first time, this book presents a practical method for teaching Russian to foreign students. It is intended to help form multicultural competence, that is, the ability to interact with representatives of a different culture and the ability to switc

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