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Books for teachers of Russian and parents.

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Children who have problems at school or with friends, or with parents, children who disobey, children who are being bullied and who are too shy are always suffer mainly because of their family dynamics. Author of this book offers simple and effective appr

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Reference book for parents-emigrants who raise 0-3-yearold children. Volume includes daily advice and recommendations, along with reference on peculiarities of child development.

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A manual for instructor who uses the textbook "Russian: 5 elements, Level A2."


Lesson plans for teachers of Russian. Levels A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Includes exercises, comments, recommendations, explanations, tables, in-class activities for students.

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The book discusses ways of preserving Russian language skills in children who live outside of Russia.


The manual examines the theoretical aspects of teaching Russian as a foreign language, the current problems of the pedagogical science, the methods of teaching speaking skills and the core aspects of the Russian language. Unlike other manuals on the method of teaching Russian as a foreign language, this edition contains such sections as "Sociolinguistic...


Teacher's Manual. The course is intended for students who begin to learn Russian at the elementary level. It consists of a textbook, a workbook, a teacher's book, a CD for the textbook and a CD for the teacher?s manual. It can be use in the classroom or in independent study.


Tests on Russian Language skills. Basic level. Includes separate tests for Lexicon, Grammar, Audio Comprehension, Reading, Writing, Speaking. Includes answer keys.


The book is devoted to the theoretical issue of children' multilingualism, and also to practical methods of formation multilingualism in preschool or primary school. Contains examples of teaching materials and some methods of work. It is addressed to teac


Manual for teachers of Russian as a second language discusses teaching techniques for working with children.


A monograph on bilinguism in children: how it form, what are the peculiarities of its development and difficulties in mainaining it.


Manual for emigrant families who rase 3-7-year old children. The volume includes recommendations and advice for daily activities and offers useful reference material on child development.


Teachers' task book with methods and techniques to teach Russian as a foreing language. Includes 11 chapters on relevant teaching topics, in addition to recommended books and manuals.

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