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English-Russian and Russian-English translation and interpretation.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. Recommendations for translators/interpreters.


There is no better terrain in which to examine the differences between two cultures than language. Every language has concepts, ideas, words and idioms that are nearly impossible to translate into another language. This new book looks at nearly 100 such R


Эта книга с диском предназначена для тех, кто хочет уверенно говорить по-английски в зарубежных поездках, командировках и при выезде за границу на постоянное проживание. В ней содержится необходимая лексика для ситуаций, с которыми сталкивается любой путе


In Russian with Love. Conversations with translators. This book is a collection of conversations with famous translators of fiction literature.


Lynn Visson is one of the most experienced UN simultaneous translators in our country, with many years of service under her belt. She works in New York, where she was born and raised by her family, who has a history of Russian ancestry. Visson studied at


Words-chameleons and metamorphoses in modern English language. Author offers a unique research of the new English lexicon. Excellent source of information for translators and interpreters.


First published in 1956, this manual explores aspects of translation of Russian classics into English (Lermontov, Turgenev, Chekhov, Gorky, Fadeev, Gladkov, Simonov, Fedin, Popov). In addition to Russian classics, the manual includes excerpts from author


This educational supplement is designed first of all for experts and specialists studying the issues of translation. But it is also for those who are just taking their first steps into mastering such a difficult topic as translation. This book will help y


Full title: Text, analysis, and translation. Practicum on English-Russian written translation.


The second part of the course is focused on the sentence and paragraph semantics in English-Russian and Russian-English translation.


Из этой книги вы узнаете, как переводить техническую и научную литературу. Автор, профессиональный переводчик, не утомляет читателя теоретическими рассуждениями - все его рекомендации носят сугубо практический характер. Рассматриваются общие особенности а


Nevyrazimoe slovami [Inexpressible by Words. Translating Texts About Art, Music, and Dance from English Into Russian]


Английское издание пособия "Русские проблемы в английской речи (слова и фразы в контексте двух культур)" - одновременно учебник и путеводитель по современному устному английскому языку. Издание предназначается для тех, кто уже начал говорить по-английски,

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