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Various ABC books for learning alphabet and basic reading.

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This "ABC" is an indispensable assistant for parents and teachers who want to help their kid learn how to read soon. Large letters, funny pictures, simple, entertaining stories will turn reading lessons into a favorite game.


The manual presents a system of working with models of articulation of sounds, playing with which you can teach the child to read, correctly pronounce, distinguish and differentiate the tuqa of speech. This material can also be used in corrective work wit


Today, entering school, a child should not only be able to read, but also own a whole system of knowledge, skills and skills. The technique of N. Pavlova will help small pupils to successfully master the pre-school program. This book - an excellent opport


A new edition of the notebook was made by the most effective method of teaching reading and writing, developed by well-known teachers Olga Uzorova and Elena Nefedova. And for them the main thing is to involve the children in occupation. In this book you w


A reader for children who just finished stydying with their first ABC book. Includes easy texts for enjoyable reading.


Прописи выходят в комплекте с учебником, который соответствует Федеральному государственному образовательному стандарту начального общего образования. Учебник рекомендован Министерством образования и науки Российской Федерации и включён в Федеральный пере


36 magnet cards with numbers and signs for making math problems.


ABCs with emphasis on pronunciation. Age level: 2-6 years.

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Nadezhda Sergeevna Zhukova, the author of this book, is a well-known Moscow speech therapist, the candidate of pedagogical sciences. She owns original research on the progressive development of children's speech. In his practical work the author preserves


This book is unusual in that it is intended for children who in one way or another have some command of Russian, especially those who hear Russian spoken in their families, but live in an environment where a different language is spoken and taught in scho


A workbook for children who learn how to read Russian. It teaches basic reading and beginning composition. Age level: 5-8 years.


Многие родители хотят научить своего ребенка читать как можно раньше. Желание понятное, но готов ли к этому ребенок? Специалисты советуют начинать обучение, если ребенок: – сам этого хочет; – имеет интерес к чтению; – успевает потанцевать, попеть, порисов

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