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New novel by Iury Poliakov is about two middle age men who decide to work on the movie script. Poliakov's signature elements are humor, complex plot and slight erotica.

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From Publishers Weekly: In a starred review of this "searing" account of teens who become addicted to heroin, PW wrote that the "unflinching depiction of the seductive pleasures as well as insidious horrors of heroin... will leave an indelible impression

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The book presents the play of the famous historian Edvard Radzinsky The Executioner. Talking on the way to the guillotine. It is published for the first time.

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A collection of newspaper reports about criminals and the police investigations that took place in the end of 19 century. A spectacular journalistic style that illustrates how creative and absorbing criminal chronicles were those days.

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"The Tale of Mister Sommer" is a very strange and sad story. Strange and Mr. Sommer, who in the story says only one sentence: "May you leave me alone at last!" Its fate is tragic ... However, it is in this work of Patrick Zuskind that lyrical intonations clearly sound. The writer leads his story on behalf of a teenager whose inner world conveys with...

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The protagonist, the son of the Mayan and Spanish, has a special gift - the ability to hear the true feelings of a person hidden behind a solid wall of spoken words. Did he think that over the years this magic gift would turn into his greatest misfortune?

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Viktor Borisovich Shklovsky is known as an outstanding literary critic, theorist of the formal school, author of biographical books about Mayakovsky, Leo Tolstoy, Eisenstein, artist Pavel Fedotov. But few know how his own destiny developed.

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Писатель Леонид Юзефович, первый лауреат премии `Национальный бестселлер`, автор романов о сыщике Иване Путилине (`Костюм арлекина`, `Дом свиданий`, `Князь ветра`), который появился на свет раньше акунинского Фандорина, написал новый роман - `Казароза`.

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Colette's career spanned from her early 20s to her mid-70s. Her main themes were joys and pains of love, and female sexuality in the male-dominated world. All her works are more or less autobiographical but Colette intentionally blurred the boundaries bet

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Captivating, surprisingly truthful and tragic narration-such is 'The Rum Diary' by American author and journalist Hunter Thompson. Although written in 1959, this novel was published only four years ago. The 'Lost Novel' of Hunter Thompson, the story is

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Novel-dictionary, something absolutely extraordinary only Milorad Pavich can write! There are two versions of the Khazars' Dictionary, male and female - the difference between is not obvious, and that is another puzzle the author offers to solve.

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This is Love. This is hatred. This is love-hate. This - the most, perhaps, cruel product of John Updike, comparable in the degree of ruthless psychological nudity only with his early "Rabbit, run." This is not even a book, but a truly subtle study of the human soul ...

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Truman Capote, author of such bestsellers as "Cold Murder," "Summer Cruise," "Other Voices, Other Rooms," and "Music for Chameleons," is among the largest American prose writers of the twentieth century.


By turns lyrical and philosophical, witty and baffling, A School for Fools confounds all expectations of the novel. Here we find not one reliable narrator but two ?unreliable? narrators: the young man who is a student at the ?school for fools? and his dou


The story takes place in Moscow, right after the Revolution. The characters of this story are: the actress Sofia Golliday, actor Iury Zavadsky, poet P.Antokol'sky, and Tsvetaeva herself.


The late Russian-born novelist was a natural storyteller whose gift for mimicry and delicious sense of the absurd are showcased in this novella about Russian emigre life in Forest Hills, N.Y. Dovlatov deftly sketches in the community - former dissidents,


Sergei Dovlatov is one of the most popular and widely-read Russian authors from the end of the twentieth century. His stories, anecdotes and notes have been translated into many languages, adapted to film, and studied in schools and universities. Dovlatov


First published in 1983, Ours is the story about 12 different, real people, who Dovlatov concidered "ours".


The decisive thing is his tone, which every member of a democratic society can recognize: the individual who won't let himself be cast in the role of a victim, who is not obsessed with what makes him different (Joseph Brodsky about Dovlatov).


Ставший культовым в молодежной среде, роман "Generation "П" посвящен явлению, проникшему во все поры нашей повседневной жизни, - рекламе. Многие склонны брезгливо отмахиваться от нее, как от назойливой мухи, считая чем-то несерьезным


A novel from the cult Russian author, Viktor Pelevin.


A novel-utopia is about the mysteries of a woman's heart and secrets of flying.


E.I. Zamyatin is the largest Russian writer of the twentieth century, one of the "founders of the new Russian literature." A brilliant prose writer, publicist, author of beautiful novels, stories and stories, he became the first anti-utopian writer, in fact the ancestor of this genre. In his opinion, "to excite, the artist must speak ... about the great...


Two anti-utopias, written with a difference in the decade, the novel "We" in the form of a diary describing the future society as the most cruel totalitarian regime that controls all spheres of human life, and the story "The Pit" - a social parable, a philosophical grotesque, a tough satire on the USSR in the times of the first five-year plan, in which...

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