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The book was based on materials from the family archive - memoirs, diaries, letters, photographs, as well as documents from the archives of the NKVD-KGB-FSB, which the authors managed to get acquainted only in 1998-2000. As a result, a story about many and many people connected with family, professional and friendly ties turned out. And broader is the...


The hero-narrator of THE CATCHER IN THE RYE is an ancient child of sixteen, a native New Yorker named Holden Caulfield. Through circumstances that tend to preclude adult, secondhand description, he leaves his prep school in Pennsylvania and goes undergrou


60-е годы - золотой век полетов. В этих потрясающих воспоминаниях вы найдете откровенный и правдивый рассказ о том, чем на самом деле являются полеты в дружественных небесах.

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From Publishers Weekly: In a starred review of this "searing" account of teens who become addicted to heroin, PW wrote that the "unflinching depiction of the seductive pleasures as well as insidious horrors of heroin... will leave an indelible impression

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Captivating, surprisingly truthful and tragic narration-such is 'The Rum Diary' by American author and journalist Hunter Thompson. Although written in 1959, this novel was published only four years ago. The 'Lost Novel' of Hunter Thompson, the story is

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For the first time in Russian: a love story between the beautiful widow Loredana and the Dominican mystic-revolutionary Orso. This love story unfolds in the beginning of the 16th century in Venice's two levels-a personification of Leonardo da Vinci's ide

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Герой игры - Рикки, вдохновившись победами своей любимой команды, сам захотел стать футболистом. Но это не так просто, и мы должны ему помочь!

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Жемчужина Магеллана и письмо японского генерала, любовные дары азиатского диктатора в юбке и тайные страсти "серой кардинальши" российской политики, взрывы и погромы, президенты и медведи - все смешалось в двадцати днях из жизни Жени Жуковой, получившей э

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Based on the true story this book tells about two women, who were shooters during WWII, and their lives during and after the war.

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The magical power of quantum physics throws Richard and his wife Leslie into some alternative worlds, where they exist simultaneously in many different incarnations ...

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Literary Almanac that replaced almanac called "Istoki", but saved all of the authors who wrote for it. In this edition the reader will find memoirs and poetry, prose and essays, humor and short stories - a great collection and an overview of Russian liter

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By turns lyrical and philosophical, witty and baffling, A School for Fools confounds all expectations of the novel. Here we find not one reliable narrator but two ?unreliable? narrators: the young man who is a student at the ?school for fools? and his dou


Six stories about six famous cemeteries and their dead. Author combines stories about actual cemeteries with short detective stories which take place right there.

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New novel by Iury Poliakov is about two middle age men who decide to work on the movie script. Poliakov's signature elements are humor, complex plot and slight erotica.

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The author is known as a theater and film critic, a script writer, and the novelist. She is a finalist of the "National Bestseller" Award. In the new novel readers face the young folk singer Egle, aging bard, soup star and a cunning beauty from Paris, wh

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Творчество англичанина Тома Стоппарда, создателя знаменитых пьес "Розенкранц и Гильденстерн мертвы", "Настоящий инспектор Хаунд", "Травести", "Аркадия", а также сценариев фильмов "Ватель", "Влюбленный Шекспир", "Бразилия", "Империя Солнца" и многих-многих

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This is a second volume of the Literary Almanac. This Almanac has replaced the almanac called Istoki, but saved all of the authors who wrote for it. In this edition the reader will find memoirs and poetry, prose and essays, humor and short stories - a gre

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В 4-м номере альманаха "Эолова арфа" читатели смогут прочитать самый ранний дневник Валерия Золотухина "Москва - начало" (1958 - I960), а так же современную поэзию и прозу.

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Джордж Мартин — «живой классик» мировой фантастики, талантливейший из современных мастеров фэнтези, чьи произведения удостоены самых высоких наград жанра. Его шедевром по праву считается эпопея «Песнь льда и огня» — величайшая фэнтези-сага со времен Толки


This literary almanac includes prose, poetry, essays, interviews, and humoristic short stories. The volume includes works of 56 contemporary Russian writers and poets from all over the world, who at some point in their lives published in the Seagull Magaz

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Counting reading as "everyday life of happiness," the author gambly shares it with everyone who is ready to listen to the tense dialogue of the mother scribe with his favorite books. "Reader's skill, he assures, is polished all his life, never reaching th


In this book the famous poet and scientist, who traveled all over the world, sailed across all the oceans, visited all the continents, at both poles and at the bottom of deep-sea depressions, not only sums up his "world-wide life", not only recalls the pa


Two anti-utopias, written with a difference in the decade, the novel "We" in the form of a diary describing the future society as the most cruel totalitarian regime that controls all spheres of human life, and the story "The Pit" - a social parable, a phi


E.I. Zamyatin is the largest Russian writer of the twentieth century, one of the "founders of the new Russian literature." A brilliant prose writer, publicist, author of beautiful novels, stories and stories, he became the first anti-utopian writer, in fa


Robert Langdon, Harvard professor of symbology and religious iconology, arrives at the ultramodern Guggenheim Museum Bilbao to attend a major announcement?the unveiling of a discovery that ?will change the face of science forever.?


A novel-utopia is about the mysteries of a woman's heart and secrets of flying.

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