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The decisive thing is his tone, which every member of a democratic society can recognize: the individual who won't let himself be cast in the role of a victim, who is not obsessed with what makes him different (Joseph Brodsky about Dovlatov).


Писатель Леонид Юзефович, первый лауреат премии `Национальный бестселлер`, автор романов о сыщике Иване Путилине (`Костюм арлекина`, `Дом свиданий`, `Князь ветра`), который появился на свет раньше акунинского Фандорина, написал новый роман - `Казароза`. Д

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Philomena had told Connor that she wanted a simple life. Now she has run off to California, and he doesn't know whether she is ever coming back. But Connor has a lot more to worry about than just losing his girlfriend in this novel about celebrity, romanc

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Winter?s chill has descended on Stockholm as police arrive at the scene of a shocking murder. An unidentified woman lies beheaded in a posh suburban home?a brutal crime made all the more disturbing by its uncanny resemblance to an unsolved killing ten yea

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An expert in public relations, a media representative plays one of the struggling parties. He thinks of a military conflict, but he himself falls under fire. As a result he has problems, which he tries to solve in a strange way... The continuation of the

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This is the most famous novel by Molina. This book became a bestseller in Italy, France, Netherlands, Germany and all Spanish-speaking countries. Bewitching pictures of a life of small provincial town are weaved into the annals where are psychological and

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Iury Mamleev is a founder of genre metaphysical realism and a founder of a literary-philosophical school. The main task of methaphysicist is to discover inner chasm in a soul of a person. life is too short and literature serves the purpose of a catalyst t

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Анна Гавальда - ярчайшая звезда французской словесности, чей успех в ряде стран уже затмил пресловутый Код да Винчи. Ее называют литературным феноменом, нежным Уэльбеком и новой Франсуазой Саган.

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The protagonist, the son of the Mayan and Spanish, has a special gift - the ability to hear the true feelings of a person hidden behind a solid wall of spoken words. Did he think that over the years this magic gift would turn into his greatest misfortune?

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Viktor Frankl's 1946 book Man's Search for Meaning chronicles his experiences as a concentration camp inmate and describes his psychotherapeutic method of finding a reason to live. According to Frankl, the book intends to answer the question "How was ever

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"The peculiarity of Venice is the carnival situation, the people are streams, crowds, and everyone is happy, everyone is happy." Involuntarily you become infected with festive energy and you smile in all your mouth. "What? You are young, alive, well, full


Ставший культовым в молодежной среде, роман "Generation "П" посвящен явлению, проникшему во все поры нашей повседневной жизни, - рекламе. Многие склонны брезгливо отмахиваться от нее, как от назойливой мухи, считая чем-то несерьезным


Truman Capote, author of such bestsellers as "Cold Murder," "Summer Cruise," "Other Voices, Other Rooms," and "Music for Chameleons," is among the largest American prose writers of the twentieth century.


A novel from the cult Russian author, Viktor Pelevin.


A complete collection of Capote's short stories. Most of the 20 short stories were translated into Russian for the first time.


Венедикт Ерофеев — явление в русской литературе яркое и неоднозначное. Его знаменитая поэма «Москва — Петушки», написанная еще в 1970 году, — своего рода философская притча, произведение вне времени, ведь Ерофеев создал в книге свой мир, свою вселенную, в


Далеко-далеко в теплых морях есть архипелаг Большие Эмпиреи. Когда-то давным-давно там бесчинствовал пират Рокер Буги, но адмирал Стратофонтов наголову разбил в заливе Силвер-бей его эскадру, за что благодарные эмпирейцы поставили русскому моряку памятник


Make a graphic novel from a masterpiece that has long become a fantasy classic, very difficult, but writer Daniel Abraham and illustrator Tommy Patterson have coped with their task to "excellent." Thanks to them, the cult novel of George RR Martin "The Ga


Evgeniy Vodolazkin is a philologist, the author of works on Old Russian literature and ... a novelist, the author of the novels "Lavr" (the "Big Book" and "Yasnaya Polyana" prizes, the short list of the National Bestseller and Russian Booker prizes) and S


The main characters of this fascinating narrative are two extraordinary historical figures: the white general, the truth-seeker and poet Anatoly Pepelyaev and the red commander, anarchist, future writer Ivan Strod. In the center of the book is their tragi


In Vsters, the war continues and the confusion associated with this. Having lost his father, who in fact was the ruler, Sercea in the role of regent in his young son tries to keep in his hands the sole power over the country. She quarrels with everyone


Грегор клянется, что больше ноги его не будет в Подземелье, странном мире под Нью-Йорком. Но мальчик не знает, что он- ключевая фигура следующего пророчества, которое носит зловещее имя "Пророчество о Мортосе". Жители Подземья понимают: чтобы Грегор вновь


В новую книгу Татьяны Толстой Девушка в цвету вошли как новые, так и уже выходившие автобиографические тексты - о молодости и о семье, о путешествиях во Францию и о жизни в Америке, а также эссе о литературе, кино, искусстве.


Who doesn't dream of a true friend who is able to share sorrows and happiness? Liza, the heroine of this novel, is one of those lucky ones. She has a guardian angel, Kiddo, name that she uses to call him affectionately. Liza has been with Kiddo since chil

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Russian Globe is an anthology of works by twenty-one poets and five prose writers residing in Russia, former Soviet Republics, Germany, Israel, Australia, and the United States. Their writings are devoted to Russia, its past and present, and are examples

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Issue 2. Russian Globe is an anthology of works of twenty authors living in Russia and other countries. Their interests explore the history, mentality and remarkable flavor of Russian people. All these pieces created in the last 5-7 years and present the

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Brand new novel! It is a known fact that a complex international situation of Russia can be explained by the conflict between Russian leadership and the world freemasonry. Very few people understand the roots of this confrontation, its financial backgroun


Alexey Slapovsky is a prose writer, playwright, and script writer; he is perhaps one of the most unpredictable modern authors. In answer to journalists' questions of 'Where are you now,' he invariable says, 'Everywhere!' His new novel, 'The Big Book of

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