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With a suspenseful plot, a sharp-polemical ideological charge, the novel 'From Russia, with Love' recounts Russian's troubled twentieth anniversary, focusing the reader's attention not on twists and turns of political fights, but on the sacral processes o

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A collection of newspaper reports about criminals and the police investigations that took place in the end of 19 century. A spectacular journalistic style that illustrates how creative and absorbing criminal chronicles were those days.

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8 comic plays of Maksim Kantor, the author of the monumental novel about the present times 'Uchebnik Risovaniia' ('Drawing Manual').

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The best early novel by Evelin Waugh. The novel is set in the 1930s, and focuses on the breakdown of the marriage of Tony and Lady Brenda Last. Tony is preoccupied with the maintenance of Hetton Abbey, a masterpiece of unfashionable Victorian Gothic archi

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Finalist of the Big Book Award has been translated into many European languages. In this novel the author is trying to stop death.

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In a new book Alexander Genis shares his revelations about life and death. It is an intellectual authobiography that consists of 6 collections of essays that written in author's inimitable style.

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This novel is the winner of the National Bestseller-2008 Award.

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The literary debut of Mikhail Barshchevsky - a collection of short stories "Author" - was released in late 2005. Among the novels that compiled it, readers also remembered a series of stories about young lawyer Vadim Osipov. The reader gets to know a very

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Author tells about 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, V.Aksenov, A.Bitov, J.Brodsky, A.Kushner, F.Abramov.

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Остросюжетная психологическая драма. Писатель Борис Минаев продолжает рассказ о жизни Левы Левина, героя двух его предыдущих книг - "Детство Левы" и "Гений дзюдо". Детский психолог Левин внезапно переходит грань, за которой кончаются отношения психолога и

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В сборнике представлены рассказы и повесть Александра Иличевского. В причудливой, избыточной, текучей, как вода, прозе автор отражает все стилистическое многообразие русской литературы прошлого века.

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Colette's career spanned from her early 20s to her mid-70s. Her main themes were joys and pains of love, and female sexuality in the male-dominated world. All her works are more or less autobiographical but Colette intentionally blurred the boundaries bet

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The profession of "literary slave" , or "ghost writer" is described from inside.

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Фарисеи, Рим, ученики Христа - вот три силы, сошедшиеся в Иерусалиме под весенним небом в понедельник последней недели перед Воскресением Господним. И у каждой из этих сил - свои Истина и Цель...

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Evgenie Klyuyev's new novel, like its former novels, transforms phantasmagoria into a reality and lifts a reality to phantasmagoria. It is the novel constantly balancing on border between miracle and a trick, the text and life, visible and invisible, the

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This novel is about the tragic nature of the human life, about the loneliness of one person among people, about meaning and power of love. Asystole is a cardiac standstill. Ability to love gives sense and meaning to life. This book is a finalist of the Na

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In this book Limonov continues the list of people who he knew and who is now deceased. They are different people whom Limonov met in different times of his life: Sergei Dovlatov, Alexey Khvostenko, Slobodan Miloshevich, Alexander Sumerkin, Dmitry Prigov,

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Viktor Borisovich Shklovsky is known as an outstanding literary critic, theorist of the formal school, author of biographical books about Mayakovsky, Leo Tolstoy, Eisenstein, artist Pavel Fedotov. But few know how his own destiny developed.

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