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Up to 760 words (A1)

This incredible story happened to a little alien. At first he confused the star maps, then he broke his flying saucer, as a result of which he suddenly found himself on planet Earth. (B1)


The book presents the humorous stories of the famous Russian writer A.P. Chekhov. These are funny and sad stories about the relationship between men and women. They fall in love, quarrel, suffer, but ultimately love wins. The text of the stories is adapted (B1), accompanied by commentary, tasks for reading comprehension and speech development. The book...


The book presents a humorous story "The Diary of Koto Sapiens, or the Cat of Reasonable" by contemporary writer Tamara Kryukova. The story is written on behalf of the cat Barsik, who in his diary tells about his adventures. He describes with humor how he

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