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Annotated Russian Reader. Level A2-B1. Reader includes funny short stories by Daniil Kharms accompanied by exercises, glossary, footnotes, and commentary.


This is a great collection of short stories for learners of Russian. It is designed for intermediate/advanced level students and it introduces them to the famous and talented Russian authors, such as, Ivan Bunin, Nadezhda Teffi, Arkadii Averchenko, Vladimir Nabokov, Sergei Dovlatov, etc. Each text is provided with the words' stresses and translation of...


The adapted text of the popular mystery novel. The text supplies with the stress, questions and tasks, including testes, keys, English-Russian dictionary, illustrations.


New mystery novel now available for intermediate level readers!


The book presents the story "First Love" by the famous Russian writer of the XIX century, I.S. Turgenev. This is a story about the feelings and spiritual experiences of a young man who first fell in love. The hero kept memories of the first love in his heart for many years. The text of the tale is adapted (B1), accompanied by commentary, tasks for reading...


This reader contains works from modern Russian authors, all of which are very significant in the context of modern Russian literature. All of the texts are accompanied with lexical, stylistic, grammatical and literary commentaries, which give necessary in


The book presents a shortened version of the novel "Crime and Punishment" by the great Russian writer of the XIX century F.M. Dostoevsky. The action takes place in summer in St. Petersburg. The protagonist - a former St. Petersburg student Raskolnikov - t


This manual contains 12 works by Pushkin ('The Shot,' 'The Station Inspector'), and also texts about places related to Pushkin in St. Petersburg. All texts are supplemented with exercises. At the end of the manual is a word list and supplement for the t


The story chronicles the experiences of a man who decides that there is nothing of any value in the world. Slipping into nihilism with the ?terrible anguish? he is determined to commit suicide. A chance encounter with a young girl, however, begins the man


25 short stories by different authors with exercises, commentaries, and quesitons.


The adapted text of the popular short story. The text supplies with the stress marks, questions and tasks, including tests, keys, and illustrations.


This annotated edition of ?Bronka? introduces students of Russian to a profoundly moving story by Ludmila Ulitskaya, one of Russia?s most important contemporary novelists and short story writers. Ulitskaya?s elegant prose, and her detailed descriptions of everyday life, makes ?Bronka? an excellent literary text for students of Russian language,...


This is a parallel-text edition of "Bronka," a short story by Ludmila Ulitskaya, one of contemporary Russia's most popular and internationally acclaimed authors. First published in 1989, the story depicts the childhood and youth of Bronka, the eponymous heroine, who lives with her mother in a drab communal apartment in a rundown Moscow neighborhood in the...

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Reader for the learners of Russian on the intermediate/advanced level. The reader includes texts with comments, stresses, information about authors, and exercises. This reader includes fragments of prose by Alexander Pushkin, Leo Tolstoy, N.Gogol, I.Gonch


The adapted text of the great novel classics of XIX century. The reader contains comments, test tasks, the dictionary, illustrations (photos from the recent movie series based on the novel).


Not adapted text, commentary. Test exercises. Keys. Dictionary. Illustrations.


Reader for learners of Russian who know at least 3000 words. The book contains vocabulary and questions after each chapter, and marked stresses for each word. The reader is self-sufficient and does not need any complementary materials.


Read in Your Field Series: International Trade. The reader includes 20 themes on various kinds of international trade. Each theme includes glossaries, text, and 12-15 exercises based on the text content.


Texts for the students of A2 (basic) level and higher. Texts cover topics about Russian culture, regional geography, and related themes.


ntermediate-advanced level reader contains stories written by different Russian female writers in different styles: prose, poetry, and essays. Includes texts, questions, and exercises.


Reader for advanced level. Texts on Russian culture, traditions, naional character, and ethnopsychological peculiarities of Russians.

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