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Up to 1300 words (A2)
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Reader for advanced level. Texts on Russian culture, traditions, naional character, and ethnopsychological peculiarities of Russians.


The reader for B2 level includes excerpts from the memoirs of Mark Chagall, diaries of Olga Knipper-Chekhov, short story by A.Chekhov, letters of A.Pushkin, short story by A.Pushkin, short story by Isaak Babel. Includes exercises and keys.


Reader contains the history of Moscow in the Middle Ages: stories of Vasily III, Elena Glinskaia, Ivan the Terrible. Each text is concluded with questions, exercises, and volabulary (translated into English). Black and white illustrations.


The book presents the story "White Nights" by the great Russian writer of the XIX century F.M. Dostoevsky. This is a story about how a lonely young man met a kind, humble girl and fell in love with her. He dreams of happiness, which seemed to be so close.


Russian reader with exercises. For students with a vocabulary around 3000 words. The book introduces one of the most popular modern female writers. It contains comments, pre- and post-text exercises, keys to the exercises, vocabulary list and illustration

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Not adapted text with commentary. Test exercises. Keys. Dictionary. Illustrations.

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