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Tables and exercises on Spelling and Punctuation. Manual contains basic rules for Russian spelling and punctuation. Advanced level.


The game will allow learners of Russian to master motion verbs with pretexts. Learn the hardest part of Russian grammar in an enjoyable way.


Russian Grammar in Dialogs. Sixth edition of the popular collection of exercises for learning Russian cases. This manual is a collection of exercises on one of the most difficult topics in Russian grammar for foreign students. Its main goal is correction


B2-C1. A collection of exercises, which includes the most important sections of practical grammar, as well as theoretical material necessary for their implementation. Tasks are built on the basis of the most frequent constructions of colloquial speech. Attention is paid to the contextual and stylistic use of linguistic units. The most difficult to perform...


The demand for this book is explained by the fact that using correct cases and prepositions is critical at all levels of learning Russian. Moreover, the themes which are discussed in this educational supplement-verb and noun government-are related to issues that all learners face when attempting to reach the certificate level in Russian. It is important...


Книга предназначена как для домашнего обучения русскому языку детей младшего школьного возраста, так и для педагогов, работающих с детьми в детских садах и воскресных школах. Занятия по данному учебнику позволяют научить детей правильно писать и говорить по-русски. Необходимый для начального изучения грамматический материал изложен максимально просто и...


Усвоить состав числа в дошкольном обучении так же важно, как запомнить цифры и научиться простым арифметическим действиям. Известные методисты, учителя-практики О.В.Узорова и Е.А.Нефедова разработали пособие с упражнениями и заданиями на раскрашивание, ко


В книге рассматриваются отдельные вопросы русской грамматики, которые часто вызывают затруднения у иностранных учащихся.


The purpose of this manual is to teach foreign students how to properly use verbal aspect. It contains both theoretical and practical material, which is presented by contrasting perfective and imperfective forms. Various types of exercises are included to


This manual is for the students on the B2-C1 level (advanced). Exercises and rules help to practise formal written Russian.


The second volume of the learner's dictionary includes 476 entries and it is based on the lexicon minimum for the low intermediate level (level I). This learners dictionary explains the peculiarities of verb formation and grammatic connections. Various e


In this collection of basic rules of Russian language covers the rules of phonetics and lexicon. Easy to use manual for students of Russian.


Pre-order. The book will be published in the fall of 2017. This book focuses on the semantic analysis of Russian prepositions, conjunctions, particles, interjections, and parenthetical words. The book is a helpful resource for anyone who is studying Russian. The book can serve as a supplement to Russian textbooks for basic and intermediate levels (A2-B2),...


36 two-sided sheets (23x30 cm) with tables for learners of Russian that cover rules of spelling and punctuation. The set comes with a brochure for the teacher with methodical recommendations.


Сборник содержит тестовые задания по всем основным темам курса русского языка для 2 класса. Впервые для каждой изученной темы предложены тесты, позволяющие проверить, как ученик её усвоил. При помощи тестов осуществляются закрепление и проверка полученных


Cборник  содержит тестовые задания по всем основным темам курса русского языка для 4 класса. Впервые для каждой изученной темы предложены тесты, позволяющие проверить,  как ученик  её усвоил. 


All vocabulary concerning the topic House is presented in exercises and crossword puzzles.


Russian grammar exercises for intermediate level. The manual includes exercises for grammar aspects that usually cause confusion and difficulties: expression of time, reason, purpose, and word order in simple and complex sentences.


This book will teach learners how to use motion verbs in different situations. It includes nine comprehensive tables and images that help understand and memorize the material. Short exercises (with keys!) will help mastering aspects of motion verbs usage:


The book contains basic Russian grammar explanations as well as exercises and games; the book includes the most important section of practical grammar and based on the widely used conversation patterns. The book contains basic Russian grammar explanation


This volume is all about Hobbies, Nature, and Calendar. This is the forth and the last volume in the series.


The manual includes theory as well as the practice, comments, tables, each chapter is complemented with texts from famous fiction pieces, newspaper and magazine articles.


This manual is designed for the learners of Russian at the basic level (A2). It helps to reinforce the knowledge of the cases and pretexts. Manual contains tables for conjugating adjectives, index and attributive pronouns, etc. It is recommended for both

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