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Training table for students of Russian. The multicoloured tables-promptings make easier the memorization and learning grammatical rules of motion verb use. The table is accompanied by the comments for teachers and students in Russian, English, German, Fre

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This complex is the first educational edition of the Russian language as a non-native language, organized according to a modular principle - from scratch to a level close to the first certification one. It is recommended primarily for open-type and multilevel groups and presents the material in accordance with the requirements for the levels language...


The game will allow learners of Russian to master motion verbs with pretexts. Learn the hardest part of Russian grammar in an enjoyable way.


This manual is intended for foreign students who have a beginning knowledge of Russian. It helps students become familiar with basic patters in the way groups of verbs function in oral speech, offers warnings about common mistakes with verbs which have c


The manual contains a description of a variety of games that can be used to teach Russian as a foreign language. The games listed in the manual help to understand and bring out a specific lexical and grammatical material, grouped according to the similarity of attributes, rules and scenarios (spontaneous games, quests in reality, dice games and board...


Authors of this book have chosen the most difficult grammatical themes that exist in the Russian language. The collection of tasks in the form of a working writing-book consists of six most complex sections of Russian grammar. Tasks, the theoretical comment and a unfamiliar lexical material are provided by translation into English language. Interesting...


The third part of the course focuses on the speaking skills and topics associated with social, cultural, educational, and professional areas of everyday life. Level I. Includes audio supplement on a CD.


The second part of the course focuses on the speaking skills and topics associated with everyday communication. Includes audio supplement on a CD.


Russian Grammar in Dialogs. Sixth edition of the popular collection of exercises for learning Russian cases. This manual is a collection of exercises on one of the most difficult topics in Russian grammar for foreign students. Its main goal is correction


Tables and exercises on Spelling and Punctuation. Manual contains basic rules for Russian spelling and punctuation. Advanced level.


Manual for learners of Russian who wish to practice their writing and speaking skills. For B2 (Intermediate) and C1 (Intermediate-Advanced) levels. Includes texts on current topics texts and various exercises. The topics include: Cities and suburbs; Career and Profession; Personal Life & Vacation; Science; Common Values.


B2-C1. A collection of exercises, which includes the most important sections of practical grammar, as well as theoretical material necessary for their implementation. Tasks are built on the basis of the most frequent constructions of colloquial speech. Attention is paid to the contextual and stylistic use of linguistic units. The most difficult to perform...


The demand for this book is explained by the fact that using correct cases and prepositions is critical at all levels of learning Russian. Moreover, the themes which are discussed in this educational supplement-verb and noun government-are related to issu


In this collection of basic rules of Russian language covers the rules of phonetics and lexicon. Easy to use manual for students of Russian.


The second volume of the learner's dictionary includes 476 entries and it is based on the lexicon minimum for the low intermediate level (level I). This learners dictionary explains the peculiarities of verb formation and grammatic connections. Various e


This manual is for the students on the B2-C1 level (advanced). Exercises and rules help to practise formal written Russian.


36 two-sided sheets (23x30 cm) with tables for learners of Russian that cover rules of spelling and punctuation. The set comes with a brochure for the teacher with methodical recommendations.

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The manual talks in detail about the algorithm of Russian verb change. For Russian verbs in present and future tense.

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