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This manual is for the students on the B2-C1 level (advanced). Exercises and rules help to practise formal written Russian.


The second volume of the learner's dictionary includes 476 entries and it is based on the lexicon minimum for the low intermediate level (level I). This learner?s dictionary explains the peculiarities of verb formation and grammatic connections. Various examples help better understanding and retaining the knowledge.


In this collection of basic rules of Russian language covers the rules of phonetics and lexicon. Easy to use manual for students of Russian.


36 two-sided sheets (23x30 cm) with tables for learners of Russian that cover rules of spelling and punctuation. The set comes with a brochure for the teacher with methodical recommendations.

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This volume is all about Hobbies, Nature, and Calendar. This is the forth and the last volume in the series.


Грамматический справочник содержит краткое описание грамматических средств русского языка и предназначен для тех, кто хочет получить сведения об их значении, произношении, употреблении в разных стилях речи, правильном написании, об основных понятиях и тер


The manual talks in detail about the algorithm of Russian verb change. For Russian verbs in present and future tense.


Настоящий словарь построен на базе широко известного Словообразовательного словаря русского языка А.Н.Тихонова. Он является учебным толковым одноязычным синхронным словарем и предназначен для изучающих русский язык как иностранный или второй. Словник сост


The manual develops the language and speech competence from the first level (B1) through the third level (C1). The manual contains the most challenging grammar topics: cases, verbs, aspect of verbs, verbs of motion, participle, adverbial participle, verbs with prefixes. The exercises are given in accordance with increasing complexity.


The first part of the 'Practicum in Russian Grammar' is a corrective course in noun declension and verb conjugation. The book's material is intended for foreign students who are acquainted with oral speech, and can read and understand Russian, but need help in understanding Russian's grammatical system and practice using forms. The exercises are intended...


The manual discusses the most representative semantic categories of reflexive verbs - one of the most difficult topics for students of Russian as a foreign language. The book consists of two parts. The first part provides a linguistic description of each semantic group from the standpoint of learning Russian as a foreign language. The second presents...


Пособие адресовано студентам, начинающим изучать русский язык, и преподавателям русского языка из Испании и стран Латинской Америки, а также российским преподавателям русского языка, которые обучают студентов, говорящих на испанском языке. Оно содержит гр


Authors of this book have chosen the most difficult grammatical themes that exist in the Russian language. The collection of tasks in the form of a working writing-book consists of six most complex sections of Russian grammar. Tasks, the theoretical comment and a unfamiliar lexical material are provided by translation into English language. Interesting...


Syntax of a simple sentence. Types of simple sentences, their grammar (with examples and explanations).


Manual offers different exercises that help advanced level students to understand Russian pronoun more clearly. This manual offers various tasks and exercises which allow students to discover semantic and grammatical characteristics of pronouns, particularities of pronouns as a class of words, their role in the language, and how they are used in literary...


Russian punctuation in algoritms and schemes. Divided into 11 chapters to cover different cases. Edition contains plenty of explained exercises (with keys) for practice.

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Manual on Russian syntax covers all the aspects with explanations, exercises, and examples.


Intensive Russian. Why they Do Not Say it That Way in Russian. The manual revises most frequent mistakes made by learners of Russian and suggests the ways of working on them.


Учебное пособие посвящено важнейшему разделу курса современного русского языка - словообразованию. Автор знакомит с проблематикой современной теории словообразования и с конкретными особенностями словообразования в русском языке. Пособие освещает все осно


Сборник упражнений составлен в соответствии с действующей программой курса Синтаксис современного русского языка (простое предложение). В сборник, помимо обычных упражнений, включены контрольные упражнения, что позволит использовать его для проведения кон


This book includes 910 engaging exercises on Russian language and their answers, as well as a short terminological dictionary and bibliography. All problems are divided into four thematic groups, which helps the reader more quickly orient himself to the

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