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The manual talks in detail about the algorithm of Russian verb change. For Russian verbs in present and future tense.


New, 19th edition of the bestseller among exercise books for learners of Russian from noted author Serafima Khavronina! Can be use with any beginners level of learning Russian.


The manual develops the language and speech competence from the first level (B1) through the third level (C1). The manual contains the most challenging grammar topics: cases, verbs, aspect of verbs, verbs of motion, participle, adverbial participle, verbs


Grammar manual contains 53 most useful grammar topics. Each topic is accompanied with comments, schemas, tables, texts, dialogs, exercises, and situations. For all levels.


Motion verbs in speech. 10 lessons with texts and exercises (with keys). Level A2-B1 (basic-intermediate). This book examines pairs of the most commonly used transitive and intransitive verbs of motion. The material in this manual will help students syste


The first part of the 'Practicum in Russian Grammar' is a corrective course in noun declension and verb conjugation. The book's material is intended for foreign students who are acquainted with oral speech, and can read and understand Russian, but need he


The second part of the 'Practicum in Russian Grammar' is devoted to the syntax of simple and complex sentences. The exercises in this part of the practicum are intended to help students understand features of Russian syntax, and ultimately serve as intens


This manual on Russian verbs contains over 600 verbs. It is intended for foreign students at the beginning or intermediate level. Its goal is to help students master the grammatical features of verbs, and also to recognize the verb's role in the sentence


Syntax of a simple sentence. Types of simple sentences, their grammar (with examples and explanations).


Time as a linguistic cultural category and a concept. Readnig for linguists and advanced learners of Russian.

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Manual offers different exercises that help advanced level students to understand Russian pronoun more clearly. This manual offers various tasks and exercises which allow students to discover semantic and grammatical characteristics of pronouns, particula


Russian punctuation in algoritms and schemes. Divided into 11 chapters to cover different cases. Edition contains plenty of explained exercises (with keys) for practice.

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Manual on Russian syntax covers all the aspects with explanations, exercises, and examples.


Intensive Russian. Why they Do Not Say it That Way in Russian. The manual revises most frequent mistakes made by learners of Russian and suggests the ways of working on them.


Manual helps to master Russian verbs and their correct use in speech. Using this book is the best way to learn how to use perfective and imperfective forms of Russian verbs with the use of simple phrases translated from Russian into English. The book also

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