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This fascinating manual is all you need to dive right into the Russian language. It is intended for students at the beginning level of instruction who want intensive language study. The manual includes all major aspects of Russian grammar: verbs (with co


The first issue of the dictionary-directory includes 192 vocabulary entries and it is based on the lexicon minimum for the basic level. This learners dictionary contains perfect and imperfect verbal forms in all tenses, explanation of the correct use, examples, and various forms. Dictionary includes over 429 different verbs.


Словарно-орфографические упражнения в пособии способствуют закреплению и углублению знаний учащихся в области словарного состава языка, знакомят с лексико-грамматическими особенностями частей речи, прививают навыки правильного и уместного употребления в р


Учебное пособие представляет собой справочник, в доступной форме освещающий трудности русской грамматики. Таблицы пособия включают в себя значения, образование и изменение различных частей речи.

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The manual explores different ways of using numerals in texts, documents, and presentations. It gives examples of using numerals in literary texts and jokes.

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The manual is designed for practicing negative expressions in Russian. It expands on the theoretical knowledge about the ways of expressing negation and offers exercises and texts for practicing different ways of saying negative phrases and sentences.

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All vocabulary concerning the topic City is presented in exercises and crossword puzzles.

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The book introduces genitive case of Russian. It consists of three parts and talks about grammar of a genitive case (forms and functions) with examples and comments in English.

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The multicoloured tables-promptings make easier the memorization and learning grammatical rules of usage verbs of motion. The table is accompanied by the commentaries for the teachers and students in Russian, English, German, French and Spanish.

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Adjectives enrich our speech with new brightness and they add color to it. One can become an expert in Russian once they master the use of adjectives. This manual includes detailed explanations and exercises (with keys!) that would help understand and master the use of adjectives with suffixes and prefixes.

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The book provides an interesting and clear study of verb formation in Russian. Comprehensive explanations are followed by exercises aimed at the development of practical grammar skills.

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