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The goal of the manual is to build speaking skills. It consists of six chapters: Opinion; Amazement; Love; Hatred; Laughter; Anger. Each topic will allow learners to practice standard phrases and constructs. Intermediate-advanced level.


The manual will help practice speaking skills and will help to master communication skills in basic situations, such as meeting new people, everyday conversations, life in the city, touring the city, visiting friends, hobbies, talking about weather, talki


Learn to Tell the Difference Between Words that are spelled the same way, but mean different things. Children's dictionary (7-15 years old).


Level: Low Intermediate/Intermediate (B1-C1). This manual teaches how to express emotions and feelings in Russian. Three parts cover sympathy, love, and disdain. Each feeling is divided into different degrees (from too much to too little) and vocabulary i


The book tells about phonetics in an entertaining way. The learner of Russian will be able to follow the mechanisms of the right pronunciation and its significance in everyday speech.


This manual is designed for the learners of Russian who wish to improve their pronunciation. It includes 11 songs and methodical recommendations for the teachers. Each song is sang on the CD and has an instrumental version (for karaoke).


The book is designed for low intermediate students of Russian. It contains various exercises stimulating speaking and listening skills, can be used in classroom discussions and for classroom activities. The audio supplement contains dialogues and oral exe


Given the seemingly bewildering variety of stress possibilities in Russian, a simple approach to understanding Russian stress has long been a goal of Russian pedagogy. This book presents a simple and straightforward way to understanding the Russian stress


The manual will help practice speaking skills and learn some typical phrases that are appropriate in certain situations. Contains tables, exercises and examples from contemporary Russian literature.


Folk and pop songs for singing on the lessons of Russian. Music note included.


A manual for adults who do not have much time to acquire speaking skills, or learn new Russian words.


Dictionary includes descriptions of typical Russian gestures and mimics, it provides illustrations, excerpts from literature that talk about using those gestures in everyday life. The dictionary is concluded with a list of typical Russian superstitions.


This manual introduces students to the most commonly used Russian phrases and teaches students how to correctly use them. The manual presents more than 280 idioms, grouped according to theme. The themes are based on everyday and business situations, in wh


This manual is intended for foreign students learning Russian, especially those in the humanities such as linguists and literary critics. It can be used for work with school-age students, undergraduates, graduate students, and people in training who are p

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