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A set of 2 workbooks for practising Russian cursive writing. A classic workbooks used in Russian elementary schools.


A collection of articles by different authors about the nature of bilingualizm and the aspects of language learning.


Manual for building writing skills (business documents, personal letters, papers, and essays). This manual can be used for preparation for the II level test.


Notebook with basic literary criticism terms and guidelines on literary character analysis.

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Workbook accompanied by a list of all Russian political leaders from 879 till present days.

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Notebook includes basic reference information on all continents and water basins of the world.

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The book is addressed to the foreign students of humanitarian faculties. The purpose of the book is to give an idea of the basic types of the essay and to form the skills for writing an essay. It prepares students for the test in Russian (third certified


This manual is intended for foreign students at an intermediate-advanced level who have a vocabulary of at least 10,000 words, and who are able to write texts in different styles and genres. The manual's goal is to develop foreign students' speech abiliti


This volume is all about Hobbies, Nature, and Calendar. This is the forth and the last volume in the series.


This manual is prepared for the teachers who use manual Golden Pen. The manual is designed for developing writing skills, which are necessary for composing business documents, personal letters, papers, and essays. Upon having mastered the skills presented


Five workbooks for children to practice handwriting. The workbooks include different exercises that will prepare a child for writing letters and will teach accurate handwriting.


Directory contains basic rules of spelling and punctuation. It also gives recommendations on editing.


A textbook for heritage speakers who wish to learn to write in Russian.

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