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The manual is intended for entry-level students involved in short-term courses of the Russian language. The lexical and grammatical material of the lessons includes a thematically organized dictionary, presented in the Read section at the beginning of each section of the lesson, and grammar in the dialogs and exercises. Grammar and vocabulary are...


The specialized course includes law-enforcement lexicon and covers the following topics: High-jacking, Road accident, and Illegal use of vehicles. Includes texts, exercises, topics for discussion, Russian-English glossary of terms. Level: Intermediate/Adv


This textbook helps develop speaking and writing skills and designed for students at A2 or B1 level. Textbook chapters imitate communication in social media and illustrate informal communication among people who discuss some common problems and express th


The board game is designed for the beginners, who just start learning Russian and need to learn few new words. The board game includes 13 topics: Family, Pets, Clothing, Groceries, and others. Total new words: 208.


This manual is specifically for foreign students who will be studying in Russia, and who know Russian at least at level B2 and want to become acquainted with Russian theater-musical culture. The purpose of this manual is to prepare pupils for understandi


For students of Russian who know Russian at the Certificate Level I. The course book is aimed to building vocabulary and speaking skills development. Level: B1.

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For students of Russian and trainees of medicine, who know Russian at the Certificate Level I. The course book is designed for the preparation for communication with patients and making entries in a patient's medical book. Level: B1.


A manual on speaking skills development. Major lexicon covers the interactions between patients and doctors. For students and interns of medical specialties with language training in the amount of certification level I. He continues to work on the development of professional speech, begun in the manual of the same author ?Preparing for Clinical Practice?....


The manual is based on popular science texts, most of which are revised and adapted material from the educational dictionary-reference book "Great Philosophers" and the publication "Great Thinkers of the West". The manual contains 7 topics presented in thematic blocks, each of which contains at least two texts. Texts are accompanied by pre-text and...


Настоящее пособие предназначено для иностранных студентов, изучающих русский язык, имеющих базовую подготовку по русскому языку (B1). Цель издания — обучить иностранных студентов сбору анамнеза и оформлению истории болезни. Пособие предназначено для иностранных студентов 2-го курса, обучающихся в медицинских вузах России.


Level A2. Manual for rescue workers and emergency responders who need to use Russian in their work. Includes lexicon that covers all basic emergency situations and lists common speech patterns and phrases related to various situations.


The book in the series Read in Your Field covers the economic theory. Intended for students at the Intermediate-Advanced level (I level).


Учебное пособие предназначено для иностранных студентов-филологов, которые владеют РКИ на уровне B1 и для которых русский язык является языком специальности. Система заданий направлена на усвоение учащимися профессиональных знаний по литературоведению.


The major goal of this manual is to build vocabulary and develop competence in using economic and business terms in professional setting. All aspects of speech are addressed (monologue, dialogue, oral, written). Includes audio supplement. For advanced lev


The main goal of this book (plus CD) is the formation of a terminological base for specialty language, which will be sufficient for professional communication in academic and scientific spheres. Therefore, the manual pays special attention to the development of scientific oral speech (speaking and listening), as well as the skills for remembering texts....


The book is intended for English-speaking students of the initial stage of education (A1, A2) who wish to gain business communication skills in Russian. The manual teaches various forms of business communication in different situations: business negotiations and correspondence, telephone contacts, preparation of documents and much more.The authors...


Эта книга является частью учебного комплекса, адресованного иностранцам, которые обучаются в средних и высших музыкальных учебных заведениях России, а также проживающим за рубежом музыкантам - носителям разных языков.

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Курс адресован зарубежным работникам сферы обслуживания, которые хотят получить навыки элементарного устного общения на русском языке. Книга рассчитана на краткосрочное обучение под руководством преподавателя.


Учебник является основной составляющей второй, заключительной, части учебного комплекса «Русский класс». 


Цель учебника - обучение студентов-медиков общению в учебной и социально-профессиональной макросферах. Прохождение данного курса обеспечивает формирование коммуникативной компетенции в объеме II сертификационного уровня, определенного Государственным стандартом по РКИ (Профессиональные модули). Отбор, систематизация, методическая интерпретация языкового и...

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