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Reader for advanced students is focused on typical stereotypes people have about Russia and Russians (including Russians themselves!). The texts help clarify and explain most common misconceptions about Russian culture and Russian character. The text will help build vocabulary, practice grammar, and learn regional Russian geography.


Three sections (Meeting People, Family Life, and Customer Service) cover 16 topics. Each topic is presented by a basic text, questions and answers, dialogues and additional materials for more advanced students. Each section contains texts for reading and/or listening. Grammar references, poems, songs and pictures are given in the supplement. Includes...


Исследование доктора исторических наук Наталии Лебиной посвящено гендерному фону хрущевских реформ, то есть взаимоотношениям мужчин и женщин в период частичного разрушения тоталитарных моделей брачно-семейных отношений, отцовства и материнства, сексуального поведения. В центре внимания – пересечения интимной и публичной сферы: как директивы власти...


This educational manual presents 20 biographical texts about well-known and talented people who were born in Russia, but for one reason or another lived outside of Russia. These are people who have achieved the highest results in their professional fields


15 texts from Russian periodicals about youth culture, social problems and changes in everyday life in today's Russia. The texts are aimed at students studying Russian at intermediate and advances levels. Russian-English vocabulary, a wide range of exerci


Basic Grammar Course for Students of Technology and Natural Science (II & III levels).


Teacher's Edition. Manual on regional geography for those who learn Russian (level B1 and higher). Consists of two parts: materials for a teacher and materials for student/s, which include a DVD (72 minutes) and a CD with the text in PDF format (131 pages


This is a book and a workbook recorded on a CD in PDF format (117 pages with colorful illustrations). This book includes information about 12 famous Russians: Aleksandr Nevskii, Ivan Groznyi, Petr I, Ekaterina II, Aleksandr Suvorov, Aleksandr Pushkin, Ale


This is a new edition of the popular textbook. Published in 2010, it reflects all important aspects of contemporary Russian life. It talks about Russian youth and its challenges, Russian music life, religion in Russia, today's Russian literature.


Level: Low Intermediate/Intermediate (B1-C1). This manual teaches how to express emotions and feelings in Russian. Three parts cover sympathy, love, and disdain. Each feeling is divided into different degrees (from too much to too little) and vocabulary i


Manual includes texts about Russian history, culture, and traditions. The texts describe how Russian people lived in the olden times, how they took care of their household, as well as about art and architecture.


Texts and exercises on Russian culture from ancient times through 19th century. This educational manual is intended for foreign students who are interested in the humanities and have a basic knowledge of Russian. The texts in this collection are about th


Manual teaches about geography and nature of Russia. 37 chapters tell about different regions and areas. The CD includes plenty of images that illustrate and accompany the manual's texts. This educational supplement takes its readers on a fascinating trip


Dictionary includes descriptions of typical Russian gestures and mimics, it provides illustrations, excerpts from literature that talk about using those gestures in everyday life. The dictionary is concluded with a list of typical Russian superstitions.


Textbook teaches some aspects of Russian culture. Includes overview of forming of the culture, traditions, art and architecture, music and theatre. 13 texts are designed for the intermediate level and each one combined with questions and exercies. Illustr


Textbook teaches Russian traditions and peculiarities of spending leisure time and communications. 14 texts suggest vocabulary, text with questions after it and multiple exercises. Excellent textbook for intermediate level.


Manual is designed for students who want to learn about Russia along with learning Russian on the intermediate/advanced level (approximately 60-80 academic hours). The manual contains texts on various topics that cover different aspects of Russian life. Each chapter is independent from the others. This manual is intended for foreign students at an...


Cultural adaptation minimum for all basic situations (family, business relations, law, visiting friends, party, holidays, gifts, social relations, transport, etc.) Notes and advice for foreigners on Russian culture and traditions.


The training complex is addressed to an adult audience of foreigners who study Russian at the basic level (A2). The complex consists of five books: 2 dictionaries (lexico-grammatical and mini-encyclopedia) and 3 manuals ("Our Home", "Life in the Big City", "Be Healthy or Hello!").


This manual attempts to answer some of the more difficult linguistic questions concerning Russian, such as the enrichment of Slavic languages through foreign borrowings and complications due to new word combinations, created mainly through borrowings from

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