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Nadezhda Sergeevna Zhukova, the author of this book, is a well-known Moscow speech therapist, the candidate of pedagogical sciences. She owns original research on the progressive development of children's speech. In his practical work the author preserves


Fifth edition of the great manual on Russian verbs. Illustrated with cartoons by Herluf Bidstrup.


This book continues the series ?This is Very Interesting!?. This time it is for older children, 7-10 years olds who learn how to read on their own. This book contains a great collection of stories, specially selected for the kids of this age. The book comes with 2 audio CDs, where the whole text is read, and on one of the CDs there are teaching hints and...


Five workbooks for children to practice handwriting. The workbooks include different exercises that will prepare a child for writing letters and will teach accurate handwriting.


This book is unusual in that it is intended for children who in one way or another have some command of Russian, especially those who hear Russian spoken in their families, but live in an environment where a different language is spoken and taught in scho


Does your child speak and read Russian? Is Russia interesting to him? If so, you most likely have the desire that your child knew more about Russia while at the same time improving his/her Russian language skills. This book will give you that opportunity.


The book consists of small fascinating stories. They describe the adventures of modern Moscow students - the twins Vanya and Masha. During the holidays with the grandmother in the village, they not only get acquainted with the peculiarities of life of the villagers, but also get into a fairy tale, where they meet with the mermaid, Baba Yaga, and the...


The Book For Kids is intended for children of three to eight years old who live in a non-Russian speaking environment but hear Russian spoken in their families. Learning by this textbook the child will be able to master the alphabet and learn reading and


The book Basic Course - 2 is for children over 8 years old, who have completed studying the book Basic Course - 1. The main goal of Basic Course - 2 is teaching a child to speak Russian fluently and correctly. The child's vocabulary will increase by nearl

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