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Training table for students of Russian. The multicoloured tables-promptings make easier the memorization and learning grammatical rules of motion verb use. The table is accompanied by the comments for teachers and students in Russian, English, German, Fre

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A set of stickers for the computer keyboard. Russian letters. Comes in various contrast colors for both black and white keyboards.


The game will allow learners of Russian to master motion verbs with pretexts. Learn the hardest part of Russian grammar in an enjoyable way.


15 (35x50) portraits of writers who wrote for children: Andersen, Grimm brothers, Ershov, Krylov, Mamin-Sibiriak, Marshak, Mikhalkov, Nosov, Paustovsky, Perro, Pushkin, Tolstoi, Ushinsky, Chukovsky.


16 portraits (35x50) of famous Russian writers on XX century: Akhmatova, Blok, Bulgakov, Bunin, Gor'ky, Esenin, Zamiatin, Kuprin, Maiakovsky, Pasternak, Platonov, Solzhenitsyn, Tvardovsky, Tsvetaeva, Shmelev, Sholokhov.


36 two-sided sheets (23x30 cm) with tables for learners of Russian that cover rules of spelling and punctuation. The set comes with a brochure for the teacher with methodical recommendations.

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Справочник включает таблицы, наглядно и компактно представляющие всю необходимую информацию о языке и его структурных разделах и опирающиеся на содержание школьного курса. Также приведены разнообразные сведения, значительно расширяющие представление о язы


The manual discusses the most representative semantic categories of reflexive verbs - one of the most difficult topics for students of Russian as a foreign language. The book consists of two parts. The first part provides a linguistic description of each


The dictionary is designed for children who are learning Russian. It is organized by topics: Me and My Family, Me and My Home, Me and My Friends, Where I Live & Where I Go, and Me and My School. There are 45 themes with glossaries and short dialogs. There


70x100 cm. 33 cards with colorful illutstration (a different profession for each letter), and a letter written by hand and typed.


15 (35x50) posters with portraits of famous composers: Bach, Bethoven, Borodin, Glinka, Grig, Debussy, Mozart, Musorgsky, Prokofiev, Rimsky-Korsakov, Stravinsky, Chaikovsky, Shostakovich, Shubert, Shuman.


10 portraits of famous authors of dictionaries (35x50cm): Shakhmatov, Dal', Trubetskoi, Buslaev, Ozhegov, Vinogradov, Peshkovsky, Vostokov, Sreznevsky, Ushakov.


15 portraits of famous artists (35x50): Aivazovsky, Briullov, Venetsyanov, Durer, Kramskoi, Kuindzhi, Da Vinchi, Mikelandzhelo, Polenov, Santi, Rembrandt, Repin, Savrasov, Tropinin, Shishkin.


The multicoloured tables-promptings make easier the memorization and learning grammatical rules of usage verbs of motion. The table is accompanied by the commentaries for the teachers and students in Russian, English, German, French and Spanish.

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Учебное пособие представляет собой справочник, в доступной форме освещающий трудности русской грамматики. Таблицы пособия включают в себя значения, образование и изменение различных частей речи.

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