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30 minutes. In color and B/W. Biographical documentary on the poet and Nobel prize winning author. Pasternak is also well known inside of Russia for his translations of Shakespeare.

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A mono play about the life of Anna Akhmatova and her generation. Performed by talented actress, Zhanna Vladimirskaia. Outstanding performance and music accompaniment. 2 hours 25 minutes.

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Poetry by Joseph Brodsky read by Zhanna Vladimirskaia in this mono-play.

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The ultimate confidence-builder! When you?ve completed this set of programs, you?ll be able to speak Russian with accuracy and conviction ? guaranteed. Premium Set is invaluable for absolute beginners through to intermediate learners. It contains five full programs, which will teach you first words and phrases, then complete sentences. You will develop...


Manual on a CD (pdf format) with a complementary DVD. Level B2. Includes mass media reports about contemporary Europe and questions and exercises for practicing speaking and audio comprehension.

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