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Explanatory dictionary of modern Russian language. 120 000 entries with words and expressions.

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The dictionary is a pretty complete lexicon of language used during the Soviet epoch - which existed as its own linguistic-cultural phenomenon. This second corrected edition contains over 10,000 'Sovietisms.'

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Explanatory dictionary of the Newspapers, Radio and TV lexicon and phraseology. Over 10 000 entries.

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Sixth edition of the explanatory dictionary for interpreters. Contains 2028 entires that define linguistic and translating categories.

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More than 25,000 words. Contains the most commonly used foreign words that have entered the Russian lexicon from the 18th to the 21st century.

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Explanatory Dictionary Parts of Speech of Russian: Pretexts, conjunctions, interjections, adverbs, and predicates.

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A condensed version of the famous 4-volume dictionary by Ushakov. This version contains words in their modern spelling. Over 70 000 entires. White paper.

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Illustrated Russian-Russian Dictionary. A modern version of the famous dictionary now beautifully illustrated with gorgeous colorful and black and white pictures. Good quality white paper, enlarged format.

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Словарь содержит около 2700 антонимов. В нем впервые даются общие понятия, объединяющие антонимические пары, и особенности лексического значения каждого антонима. В словаре представлены примеры употребления антонимов в речи: словарные статьи содержат иллю

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The 'Explanatory Dictionary of Russian Word Formation' is a first in the history of Russian dictionaries: it is the first dictionary which has information on affixes in Russian. It includes 1,892 morphemes (the smallest unit of meaning in a language) whi

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A very comprehensive dictionary - with over 147,000 terms in contemporary usage in the Russian language.

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