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Dictionary of aphorisms about women, happiness and love. At the end of the dictionary biographical and literary record for all of the authors of aphorisms is provided.

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The 'Dictionary of Grammatical Difficulties in Russian' is one of the first detailed collections of the most challenging aspects of Russian grammar. The dictionary's goal is to highlight areas of Russian grammar which are difficult to both native speaker

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School dictionary of antonyms with examples from literature. Includes over 700 pairs of words.

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Big Dictionary of Spoken Expressive Language. Over 15 000 entries. Each entry is illustrated with an example.

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This dictionary presents the various grammatical forms of a word as it changes; it also contains grammatical characteristics of words which don't change, as well as auxiliary parts of speech. Basic and variant forms are also noted. Knowledge of grammati

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More than 25,000 words. Contains the most commonly used foreign words that have entered the Russian lexicon from the 18th to the 21st century.

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Explanatory Dictionary Parts of Speech of Russian: Pretexts, conjunctions, interjections, adverbs, and predicates.

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Practical stylistic of Russian language: Word usage, idiomatic expressions, grammatical forms, and syntax.

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Dictionary of English and Russian Synonyms and Antonyms. Volume 1. English-Russian. 1975 entries, over 8300 English synonyms and 2450 antonyms.

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This encyclopedic dictionary/handbook of linguistic terms and concepts represents a first integrated edition on Russian language with an educational character. The dictionary contains not only commentary, but also descriptions of general basic concepts a

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Expressive methods of Russian and typical mistakes in Russian speech. The dictionary contains the terms that explain the different kinds of expressions and their use.

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'The Dictionary of Correct Speech' contains words which are often used incorrectly in written and oral speech. The dictionary will help you determine stress and pronunciation of several difficult consonant clusters, correctly create grammatical forms, an

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The 'Explanatory Dictionary of Russian Word Formation' is a first in the history of Russian dictionaries: it is the first dictionary which has information on affixes in Russian. It includes 1,892 morphemes (the smallest unit of meaning in a language) whi

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