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Russian is one of the richest languages in the world. A sign language has a very small vocabulary (about 10,000 gestures), but over time it is constantly updated. The increase in the number of gestures directly depends on the mastery of inaudible verbal speech. This dictionary contains a small part of the main words-gestures, the use of which is possible...


Published from the original galleys this single most important source of biographical and bibliographical information on Russian figures and foreign personalities who worked for the Russian Empire, Old Rus' and Muscovy, from the earliest times to the end

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Over 60 000 entries! English-Russian Dictionary of Petroleum Chemistry and Processing.

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The 'Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases' contains over 17,000 common loan words and expressions, as well as words which are formed from loan words. Each entry contains detailed commentary and information about the word's origin. The dictionary cont

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The dictionary is a pretty complete lexicon of language used during the Soviet epoch - which existed as its own linguistic-cultural phenomenon. This second corrected edition contains over 10,000 'Sovietisms.'

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More than 14,000 terms. Covers Russia, former USSR and other countries. Every wonder what to call someone who lives in Kostroma? Maybe Voronezh? This dictionary is for you!

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Explanatory dictionary of the Newspapers, Radio and TV lexicon and phraseology. Over 10 000 entries.

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Sixth edition of the explanatory dictionary for interpreters. Contains 2028 entires that define linguistic and translating categories.

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