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Nonfiction stories for children.

The collection of stories by the well-known children's writer Leonid Sergeyev deals with ordinary boys and girls, about how they spend their free time, what they like to do, what they dream of. Everyone has their own talent: one is a future clown, the other is an artist, and the third is a musician. And one of his friends has a rare gift: he is able to...


Sculpting - the most tangible form of artistic creativity. A child not only sees what he has created, but also touches, picks up and changes as necessary. The main tool in modeling is the hand (or rather, both hands), therefore, the level of skill depends on owning your own hands, and not a brush, pencil or scissors. From this point of view, the modeling...


What awaits you under the cover: This exercise book with tasks is a developmental manual that corresponds to the school program and the preparation program for the first class. After all, 6-7 years is the time to get ready to become a schoolboy. Only want to do playing and having fun. The future first grader is still a child, so the game tasks are what he...


The stories of Gennady Snegiryov will open to the little readers the wonderful world of the Russian forest and its inhabitants: birds and animals, chicks and animals, who have just seen their first sun.


Gennady Snegiryov's stories about birds and animals with colorful illustrations are offered to your attention. For children of primary school age.


The collection "Animal Stories for Children" includes the works of Gennady Snegirev "The Elephant", "Mikhail" and Lev Kuzmin "Olya the Little". Illustrations to these works are made by an outstanding artist, landscape painter and naturalist Nikolai Aleksandrovich Ustinov. An artist with love and deep respect conveys all the beauty and depth of Russian...


A vegetable garden is a magical place where children who grew up in a city can observe the life and growth of plants. The girl Tanya, the heroine of this story, went on vacation to the village to her grandparents, who teach her to plant and grow vegetables, to use garden tools and to harvest. Tanya learns a lot of interesting things about those plants,...


This is a story about a girl who was afraid of her own shadow. The girl grew up, the fear grew with her, but once she decided to get rid of fear ... Epiphany is eight and a half years old. Her whole life has been pursued by a strange creature - a fear that follows her wherever she goes, wherever she goes. One day the girl decides that the time has come...


The family doctor, the school principal, and even Imogene's know-it-all brother, Norman, fail to resolve her dilemma. Imogene, the cook, and the kitchen maid, however, make the best of things, finding unusual uses for Imogene's new horns. Meanwhile, the problem appears to be solved when Imogene awakes the next morning antler-free. But the family (and the...


Workbook number 1 introduces the child with chess pieces and board, teaches you to arrange the pieces in the starting position, walk, attack and take pieces, put the king on check and checkmate.


With this book you will make an exciting journey through the history of art. You will find out what you thought about when creating your masterpieces, a primitive hunter, an ancient Chinese sculptor, an ancient Roman artist, a Baghdad calligrapher, a Japanese engraver, and a Victorian photographer. Behind every work of art stands a man with his own unique...


In How to Build a Car, three unlikely friends--Eli, a mouse; Phoebe, a sparrow; and Hank, a frog--decide to build a small motorcar together. The story follows the friendly trio as they learn all about how a car works and how it is constructed. Detailed illustrations show the inner workings of the car, teaching children the basics of how each part works...


Kvak frog sad. So much so that he could not sleep. And if you can not sleep, then we must consider the sheep ... So Kwak meets a wonderful little sheep and goes on a journey through dreams with her. They fall into different places and different seasons. Having passed from the blooming May meadow to the starry August sky, having overcome the November rain...


Mom, what is it? - A visual dictionary for the smallest, which will help your child explore the world around. From the very morning until the evening the child is surrounded by many objects, this pleasant book will help to learn their names, and at the same time to get acquainted with colors, forms, emotions. The main characters of the book are ordinary...


The manual presents a system of working with models of articulation of sounds, playing with which you can teach the child to read, correctly pronounce, distinguish and differentiate the tuqa of speech. This material can also be used in corrective work wit


A new edition of the notebook was made by the most effective method of teaching reading and writing, developed by well-known teachers Olga Uzorova and Elena Nefedova. And for them the main thing is to involve the children in occupation. In this book you w


Книга ориентирована на детей 6-7 лет и ставит целью определение уровня психического развития ребенка для начала освоения школьной учебной программы в условиях обучения в группе сверстников (т.е. социально-личностной, мотивационной и деятельностной готовно

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Recipe book for children features garden bugs that cook together using garden fruits and vegetables.

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