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Once you accept that the impossible is really possible, what happens in Russia makes perfect sense. In December 2013, David Satter became the first American journalist to be expelled from Russia since the Cold War. The Moscow Times said it was not surpris


Mo lives high on a shelf in an airport gift shop. All day he watches as families walk past. He can't help but feel lonely. Mo wants a family. He wants a home. Then one day Mo's wish for a family comes true as a special couple take him on a marvelous journey to meet his new best friend, Yuri. Mo has lots of questions once he gets to his destination. Where...

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A charming rhyming story about a little girl named Annie who has curly hair and wants nothing more than for it to be straight. One morning, Annie refuses to go to school because her classmates have been teasing her for not having hair like theirs. After sending her mother on quite the wild goose chase, we follow Annie on an adventure to a hair salon,...


In this issue: Anatoly Mariengof A Novel Without Lies. The turbulent life of a great poet against the flamboyant background of Bohemian Moscow in the 1920s. Anatoly Mariengof's controversial memoir was hidden away for so long in the closed holdings of Soviet public libraries, deserves to be widely known. Mariengof concentrates on the bohemian lives of the...

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Powerful transnational commercial interests manipulate the War on Terror and news media. Cynical former CIA operative John Trager's search for the truth leads him to Africa and the misterious antropologist Simone Loriot. Facing disaster, Trager finds his


RUSSIAN-LANGUAGE INTERPRETER'S MEMOIRS DEBUT! Up to now there had been actually no memoirs of Russian-language interpreters published in the U.S. This collection of amusing and edifying stories could very well serve as a practical handbook of ethics for

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Even before San Francisco was founded as a city, Russian visitors, explorers, and scientists sailed to the area and made contact with both the indigenous people and representatives of the Spanish government. Although the Russian commercial colony of Fort


This spring's issue features a look back at the life and work of Russian emigre writers, poets, artists and non-artistic types in Paris after the Bolshevik Revolution. It is a colorful, fascinating look at the nature and effects of exile.


If there could be said to be a central river a Volga as it were feeding Russian literature since its inception, it is this: heroes conform, accepting the fate an the will of the community; antiheroes are individualists who do not fit into society, who


A collection of funny stories for young children.

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Each Chtenia volume is a vivid snapshot of one aspect of Russian culture, an introduction that is sure to give you insights into new areas of Russian life. Chtenias stories are translated into fluent, engaging English by some of the best Russian-to-Engli

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In its 2013 summer issue, Chtenia samples the diverse styles and subjects of modern Russian women writers. That Russian women were writing about Russian orphanages well before the 2012 ban, and about terrorism based in Dagestan well before the Boston bomb

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In this issue: Vassili Grossman The Commissar, Leonid Latynin Stavr and Sarah, Nina Sadur Irons and Diamonds, Ludmila Ulitskaia March 1953, Barely Soup, Igor Pomerantsev Sobs in Corners, A Little About You, Yosip, Victor Beilis Breakfast Alfresco. Stories united under subtitle What It Means To Be A Jew In Russia: Lev Anninsky The Wandering Jew, Osip...

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Mikhail Bulgakov: To a Secret Friend, from The Diaries of Elena Sergeyevna, Elana Sergeyevna, Books about and by Bulgakov. Osip Mandelstam: Mandelstam on Himself, from The Fourth Prose, Cold Summer, Evgeny Mandelstam's Excerpts from Memoirs, Nadezhda Mand

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In this issue: Irina Muravyova The Nomadic Soul. A Story of Modern Anna Karenina, Lala, Natasha, Toma, Philemon and Baucis. The Nomadic Soul traces the dramatic history of several generations of an upper-class family during the First World War and the Civil War in Russia. Historical events, providing a background for the narrative, are depicted not...

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In this issue: Larissa Miller HomoLudens, Childhood in Post-War Moscow, Papa Misha, St.Petersburg-Leningrad, Muzyka - Music, Flitting and Gliding, the Black Sea, Virgin Lands, My Romance with English, My Land and Home, In Lieu of Conclusion. Larissa Miller's memoir recounts her childhood in postwar Moscow, with reminiscences of her mother, a major...

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In this issue: Anatoly Mariengof Cynics, Leonid Latynin Sleeper at Harvest Time, Evgeni Popov Pork Kebabs, Zufar Gareev When Other Birds Call, Vyacheslav Rybakov Hassle, Viktor Erofeev Soviet Literature: In Memoriam, Tatyana Scherbina and Mikhail Aizenber

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In this issue: Vladimir Sorokin A Business Proposition, Four Stout Hearts, Igor Iarkevich How I Shit My Pants, How I Did Get Raped, Viktor Erofeev De Profundis, Cheekbones, a Nose and a Gully, Daniil Kharms A Letter and Other Pieces, Yuri Miloslavski Urban Sketches, Alexander Terekhov Charon, Buddy. An Ironic Diary, Serfei Iask Per Somnia. The issue is...

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Rubinstein succeeds in arranging his fragmented text in such a clever way that they invariably trigger off a series of associations, even in the reader who fails to catch all the allusions weaved in by the author. Thus his texts begin to speak to any reader anywhere and in any language, but they speak in a different way.

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In this issue: Alexander Genis Literary Nonfiction by A. Genis, The View from the Window, Red Bread, USA from A to Y, Brodsky in New York, Darkness and Silence: The Art of Subtraction. These literary pieces by one of Russia's foremost essayists reflect the author's bi-culturalism - Russian and American civilizations are compared in their various...

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Series: Glas New Russian Writing, Volume 18 In this issue: Asar Eppel Red Caviar Sandwiches, Semyon's Lonely Soul, One Warm Dark Night, Two Tobits, July, Inasmuch and Insofar As, Sorry Lot, You're My Second, Sitting in the Dark on bentwood Chairs. Asar Eppel is a past master of the subtle detail and the bon mot. His minute descriptions of everyday life...

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In this issue: Leonid Latynin "The Face-Maker and the Muse". This 1978 Russian novel is about an artist who lives in "the city," a dystopian hell whose citizens are identified only by numbers - unless they happen to look like an idealized face called "the image" - created by the eponymous Face-Maker - in which case they receive a name and certain...

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In this issue: Peter Aleshkovsky "Skunk: A Life". "Aleshkovsky has a vivid style and a fresh vesion of his homeland, which still has the ring of the country which Leskov and Dostoevsky explored so unforgettably. This is the real thing: real literature about real people in Russia as it really is" - Martin Dewhirst, University of Glasgow.

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In this issue: Sigizmund Krziszanowsky "In the Pupil of the Eye", Vladimir Makanin "The Safety-valve", Sergei Task "S.O.B.", "Four Knights Opening", Nina Gabrielian "Happiness", "The Studio Apartment". Transfiguration: Feminist Journal and Club in Russia, Ergali Ger "Electric Liza", Dmitry Prigov "Poems, Drawings, Thoughts". The Poet and Family Values:...

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In this issue: Viktor Pelevin "The Blue Lantern", "Mid-game", "The View from the Window", Zufar Gareyev "Facsimile Summer", Yevgeny Kharitonov "Teardrops on the Flowers", Vladimir Makanin "Klycharyov and Alimushkin", Fredeich Gorenstein "Bag in Hand", Zinony Zinik "Mea Cupla", Youri Miloslavsky "The Death of Manon", "On Esile", Lev Razgon "The President's...

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In this issue: Marina Filatova "If I Were a Man?", Svetlana Vasilenko "Shamara", Nina Sadur from "Witch's Tears", Marina Palei "The Bloody Women's Ward", Galina Scherbakova "The Three Loves of Masha Peredreeva", Larissa Miller "A Childhood in Post-War Moscow", Elena Glinka "Kolyma Streetcar", Julia Latynina "Waiting for the Golden Age". Poetry: Nina...

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In this issue: Vladimir Makanin "The Captive of the Caucasus", Victor Pelevin "The Tambourine for the Upper World", Vassily Aksyonov "Palmer's First Flight", "Palmer's Second Flight", Zinovy Zinik "The Moth", Alexander Terekhov "The Rat Killer", "Happiness", Mark Shatunovsky "The Discrete Continuity of Love". 1995 Booker winners: Georgy Vladimov "A...

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Booker winners: Vladimir Makanin "Baize-covered table with Decanter", Viktor Astafiev "The Cursed and the Slain", Oleg Yermakov "The Sign of the Beast", Ludmila Ulitskaya "Sonechka", Semyon Lipkin "A Resident Remembers". GLAS short list: Victor Pelevin "Omon Ra", "Tarzanka", Zufar Gareyev "The Park", Alexander Petrovich's Allergy", Alexei Slapovsky "This...

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