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"The Tale of Mister Sommer" is a very strange and sad story. Strange and Mr. Sommer, who in the story says only one sentence: "May you leave me alone at last!" Its fate is tragic ... However, it is in this work of Patrick Zuskind that lyrical intonations clearly sound. The writer leads his story on behalf of a teenager whose inner world conveys with...

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A series of books "We read by syllables" is designed for parents and teachers who teach children to read. Adapted texts of short stories and tales will help your children to successfully join the magic world of Russian classical literature. Short sentences are typed in large print, words are divided into syllables, there are no word transfers. All this...

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This edition is about the Judaic chapters of the novel 'Master and Margaret' by Mikhail Bulgakov.

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The protagonist, the son of the Mayan and Spanish, has a special gift - the ability to hear the true feelings of a person hidden behind a solid wall of spoken words. Did he think that over the years this magic gift would turn into his greatest misfortune?

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The author, Nikolai Karamzin, is credited as one of the founding fathers of the modern Russian literary language. His story ôPoor Lizaö, written in 1792, was one of the first of its kind: Russian sentamentalism based on the Western/European model. This wa

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A tale in verses about a boy who did not want to wash his face and his hands and what happened to him. Age level: 4-8 years.

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Workbook accompanied by a list of all Russian political leaders from 879 till present days.

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Notebook includes basic reference information on all continents and water basins of the world.

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Notebook with basic literary criticism terms and guidelines on literary character analysis.

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Idealistic young scientist Henry Jekyll struggles to unlock the secrets of the soul. Testing chemicals in his lab, he drinks a mixture he hopes will isolateùand eliminateùhuman evil. Instead it unleashes the dark forces within him, transforming him into t

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(Mir cheloveka i chelovek v okruzhaiushchem ego mire)

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Three works of the Nobel prize author: Klingsor's last summer, Child's soul, Klein and Wagner.

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Training table for students of Russian. The multicoloured tables-promptings make easier the memorization and learning grammatical rules of motion verb use. The table is accompanied by the comments for teachers and students in Russian, English, German, Fre

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A collection of six poems by Tatiana Nikolina: Straw House Lane, Beavers' Song, Hippopotamus, Scandal at the Zoo, Walrus, Lilac Wind. Illustrations on every page.

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Novel depicts the formative years in the life of Stephen Dedalus, a fictional alter ego of Joyce and a pointed allusion to the consummate craftsman of Greek mythology, Daedalus.

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The multicoloured tables-promptings make easier the memorization and learning grammatical rules of usage verbs of motion. The table is accompanied by the commentaries for the teachers and students in Russian, English, German, French and Spanish.

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