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The author highlights three attempts made to assassinate Lenin.

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On the threshold of summer Art Behshtejn waits for breathtaking events. He has absolutely no idea that soon a casual acquaintance will transform his life. This is a book about the first summer after college, an improbable time dizzying and dazzling in pr

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In this novel, time, place and hero have come together very precisely. When "Duxless" was published in a circulation of twelve thousand, Sergei Minaev received the title of promising young author. When they printed another twenty-five, they said that he w

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Герой игры - Рикки, вдохновившись победами своей любимой команды, сам захотел стать футболистом. Но это не так просто, и мы должны ему помочь!

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Жемчужина Магеллана и письмо японского генерала, любовные дары азиатского диктатора в юбке и тайные страсти "серой кардинальши" российской политики, взрывы и погромы, президенты и медведи - все смешалось в двадцати днях из жизни Жени Жуковой, получившей э

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Based on the true story this book tells about two women, who were shooters during WWII, and their lives during and after the war.

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The magical power of quantum physics throws Richard and his wife Leslie into some alternative worlds, where they exist simultaneously in many different incarnations ...

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New novel by Iury Poliakov is about two middle age men who decide to work on the movie script. Poliakov's signature elements are humor, complex plot and slight erotica.

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Workbook preschool. Development of speech. Speak correctly. For joint studies of children and parents.


An expert in public relations, a media representative plays one of the struggling parties. He thinks of a military conflict, but he himself falls under fire. As a result he has problems, which he tries to solve in a strange way... The continuation of the

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Konstantin Balmont (1867-1942) - poet-symbolist, which, according to V.Brusov, inseparably prevailed over Russian poetry at the beginning of the XX century. The spontaneous genius, tireless traveler, idol of a whole generation, famous for his extravagant

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Residents of the village, devoured by greed, cowardice and fear. A man pursued by the ghosts of his agonizing past. Young woman in search of happiness. During one tense, full of events of the week, each of them faces the questions of life, death and power

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Хорхе Луис Борхес (1899-1986) - великий писатель, великий переводчик и интерпретатор, великий коллекционер и знаток литературы. Его влияние на мировую культуру огромно. Его личность zaгадочна.Удивительно, но факт: в России, где Борхес уже много лет считае

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Sumptuously appointed, celebratory and sensuous, this debut novel is a mouth-watering blend of commedia dell'arte and Greek tragedy. Prior cooks up a cinematic yarn full of characters so rich you'll fear they're fattening, but readers will be sure to splu

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Эта книга, несомненно, вызовет ярость шолоховедов. Эта книга нарушает все запреты и не гласные табу, покушаясь на один из главных литературных мифов XX века. Ведь шолоховский Тихий Дон до сих пор воспринимается читателями чуть ли не как энциклопедия казач

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Вступительный роман Иерусалимского квартета Эдварда Уитмора, безупречно ясного стилиста, которого, тем не менее, сравнивали с постмодернистом номер один Томасом Пинчоном и южноамериканскими магическими реалистами. Другое отличие - что, проработав 15 лет а

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The fifth volume of a brilliant adventure epic by Arturo Peres-Reverte, in which our hero is led into big trouble because of his love to a great actress, because his young friend Inigo of Balboa breaks the flower of innocence of ruinous Anhelika de Alkesa

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A collection of newspaper reports about criminals and the police investigations that took place in the end of 19 century. A spectacular journalistic style that illustrates how creative and absorbing criminal chronicles were those days.

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The first of its kind book, offers Russian speakers a detailed introduction to their new country. The book acts as a guide to practical life in the United States for new immigrants, exchange students or those working in the USA. Each chapter addresses a s

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The book of the known literary critic represents a cycle of the sketches show dramatic nature of creative destiny of the largest Russian writers, whose creativity was at time of the Soviet epoch, on an examples of their best products. It is addressed to

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Finalist of the Big Book Award has been translated into many European languages. In this novel the author is trying to stop death.

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Colette's career spanned from her early 20s to her mid-70s. Her main themes were joys and pains of love, and female sexuality in the male-dominated world. All her works are more or less autobiographical but Colette intentionally blurred the boundaries bet

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