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The work of the famous English writer Jane Austen, the author of elegant and witty novels PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, MANSFIELD-PARK, EMMA, has had a significant impact on the development of English prose of the XIX-XX centuries and has been enjoying increasing popularity among readers for almost two hundred years. This publication publishes the novel SENSE AND...

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Edgar Allan Poe is a man of dazzling talent. He wrote more than seventy short stories, which led to the emergence of many literary schools. The founder of the detective genre and the genre of science fiction, a great poet, critic and journalist, Edgar Poe has been one of the most widely read authors in the world for more than a century and a half. This...

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Faiz Akhmad Faiz was a renowned Pakistani poet, and one of the most famous poets of the Urdu language. He was a member of the Anjuman Tarraqi Pasand Mussanafin-e-Hind (All India Progressive Writers' Movement) and an avowed Marxist. In 1962, he was awarded

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On the threshold of summer Art Behshtejn waits for breathtaking events. He has absolutely no idea that soon a casual acquaintance will transform his life. This is a book about the first summer after college, an improbable time dizzying and dazzling in pr

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In this novel, time, place and hero have come together very precisely. When "Duxless" was published in a circulation of twelve thousand, Sergei Minaev received the title of promising young author. When they printed another twenty-five, they said that he w

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Roby Singer, born during the war in Budapest to a boy from a poor Jewish family, was not circumcised in due time. And then his mother and grandmother, spending all their energies on the post-war survival, somehow forgot that their son and grandson were no

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A true story of a woman who survived after being burnt alive by her strictly religious family for falling in love and having romantic relatioships with a young man.

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comedy in verse, satirizing the society of post-Napoleonic Moscow, or, as a high official in the play styled it, "a pasquinade on Moscow." The play, written in 1823 in the countryside and in Tiflis, was not passed by the censorship for the stage, and only

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Miniature edition. Has a bookmark and a golden cut. Illustrated.

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The magical power of quantum physics throws Richard and his wife Leslie into some alternative worlds, where they exist simultaneously in many different incarnations ...

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Iury Mamleev is a founder of genre metaphysical realism and a founder of a literary-philosophical school. The main task of methaphysicist is to discover inner chasm in a soul of a person. life is too short and literature serves the purpose of a catalyst t

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9 hours 50 min. Famous novel by Somerset Maugham!

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A true masterpiece of contemporart fiction from a bestselling author Viktor Pelevin. MP3 CD 10 hours of sound.

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Sound time: 7 hours. Reads: Alexander Andrienko.

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MP3 format. Sound time: 7 hours. Read by Oleg Isaev.

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A colorful poster with office items for each letter.

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