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Chelovek v prostranstve balkan. Povedencheskie stsenarii i kul'turnye roli


Этот том включает все доклады, прочитанные на Второй международной конференции по теории Смысл - Текст. Они охватывают широкую область лингвистических проблем, рассматриваемых с точки зрения этой теории. Большинство работ посвящено различным вопросам сема


The Problems of Semantics of Spoken Language in its Cultural Context. The presentations and papers of a conference on linguistics held from 17-19th of March, 2006 by the International Committee of Slavists.


Texts, dictionaries, explanations, comments - all for easy comprehension and self-study.


Two-volume set covers all written languages of Russian Federaton and gives their comprehensive overview.

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Korney Chukovsky - our favorite children's writer, storyteller, author of "Aibolit", "Moydodyr" and "Barmaley" - was truly a connoisseur of the Russian language. "Alive as life" - Chukovsky's main book, dedicated to the Russian language, its history and m

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