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V.I. DAL AND SOCIETY OF RUSSIAN PHILOLOGISTS. The collection dated for 200th anniversary of the great scientist has been prepared for publication by The Russian Philology Lovers Society.

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Two-volume set covers all written languages of Russian Federaton and gives their comprehensive overview.

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Korney Chukovsky - our favorite children's writer, storyteller, author of "Aibolit", "Moydodyr" and "Barmaley" - was truly a connoisseur of the Russian language. "Alive as life" - Chukovsky's main book, dedicated to the Russian language, its history and m

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Manual contains data on Russian, its norms of pronouciation, word order, stresses, specific demands when used in different professions (including mass media).

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The book of known linguists describes language game in modern mass-media, art literary texts and daily household dialogue. Authors offer some keys to decoding verbal riddles which are solved today by the reader, the listener, the interlocutor. The book i

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5th edition of the volume about history of Russian grammar from X century. The book talks about the development and evolution of Russian language in the past 10 centuries.

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Modern Russian: Lexicon and Phraseology in comparacement to Englich, German, French, and Spanish lexicon and phraseology.

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The book contains section about Lexicography, Lexicology, phraseology, phonetics, phonology, spelling, etc.

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In this edition famous linguist Valery Mokienko tells about the ethimology of many Russian methaphoric expressions. Special attention is paid to the phrases which ethimology is not quite clear at first sight and needs extensive research.

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В пособии рассматриваются основные характеристики гуманитарной образовательной среды и место в ней языковой составляющей. Основное внимание уделяется проблемам современного состояния русского языка и русской речи, характеристике современной языковой личности, актуальным вопросам речевой культуры. Пособие содержит большое количество практических заданий,...


The materials of the popular annual semiar that took place at the Russian Institute of Linguistics in 2003. Three chapters of this manual discuss the problems in computer lexicon, technology lexicon, various types of dictionaries, and others.

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Complete collection of materials from the annual conference devoted to K. Chukovsky nad A. Gvozdeva.

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