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About That Which Did Not Happen, an annotated Russian reader, is intended for low-intermediate and intermediate level students of Russian (B1-B2, TRKI I-II). The story is a dynamic narrative by the well-known author Victoria Tokareva about one doctor's lifelong dream to own a tiger. Tokareva masterfully portrays how Dima's dream dictates his inner world...


Annotated reader with three stories by Lyudmila Ulitskaya includes exercises, assignments, and a full glossary. The three short stories in this reader (Paper Victory, Cabbage Miracle, and Nails) provide a window into the Soviet childhood experience in the years 1945-49, when the country was just beginning to recover from the devastation and hardships...


This intensive communicative course of Russian for adult learners designed for 120 - 150 hours. Each lesson includes useful phrases, explanatory notes on grammar, a text, pre-text exercises, role-play tasks and jokes, and other assignments.


Bilingual edition of Fedor Dostoevsky's writing (excerpts from his memoirs, letters, and prose).


This annotated edition of ?Bronka? introduces students of Russian to a profoundly moving story by Ludmila Ulitskaya, one of Russia?s most important contemporary novelists and short story writers. Ulitskaya?s elegant prose, and her detailed descriptions of everyday life, makes ?Bronka? an excellent literary text for students of Russian language,...


Reader with adapted short stories and glossary support for English-speaking students.


The book introduces genitive case of Russian. It consists of three parts and talks about grammar of a genitive case (forms and functions) with examples and comments in English.

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This book is intended for children who have Russian roots, but live outside of Russia, who are confident in their speaking abilities but need practice in reading and writing. This book contains 25 lessons, each of which contains a main text. This texts ar


So Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire finally reached the hotel 'Decoupling', where on Thursday the decisive meeting of GPV was to take place.

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This is the last, 13th book about Boudlers' adventures. They have been through many adventures and now they are about to face the last one. What is going to happen to them in the very last book? Is it going to be a happy End?

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Данное пособие представляет собой тренировочное лексико-грамматическое и коммуникативное сопровождение базового курса русского языка как иностранного, предназначенное для активизации языкового материала учебника ЖИЛИ-БЫЛИ... 12 УРОКОВ РУССКОГО ЯЗЫКА. БАЗО


The board game is designed for the beginners, who just start learning Russian and need to learn few new words. The board game includes 13 topics: Family, Pets, Clothing, Groceries, and others. Total new words: 208.


Motion verbs in speech. 10 lessons with texts and exercises (with keys). Level A2-B1 (basic-intermediate). This book examines pairs of the most commonly used transitive and intransitive verbs of motion. The material in this manual will help students syste


Эта пропись выполнена в лучших традициях советских и дореволюционных пособий по чистописанию с учетом новейших педагогических находок в этой области. Рекомендуется для детей от 6 до 10 лет. Предлагаемая вам пропись выглядит достаточно традиционно, но вклю


Introducing our new textbook, Road to Russia, the course for beginning students. It is a completely revised and updated edition of original Russian course Road to Russia. It is written specifically for North American students and is ideally suited for use in undergraduate courses, high schools, and adult education courses. The course consists of 15...


Этот учебник поможет вам легко и грамотно заговорить по-русски. Он также будет полезен для тех, кто хочет систематизировать свои знания об основных явлениях фонетики, грамматики и лексики

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В предлагаемой книге читатели снова встретятся с главными героями "Приключений Лены и Миши". Герои выросли и повзрослели. Поэтому уровень сложности этой книги выше, чем в предыдущей, и предполагает владение русским языком на базовом уровне.


Готовить руку ребенка к письму необходимо задолго до того, как он пойдет в школу. Чем раньше малыш научится правильно держать карандаш, ориентироваться на листе бумаги, тем быстрее он овладеет первыми навыками письма. Эта пропись создана специально для ма


The workbook is part of the Russian Season educational complex (elementary level, A1 and above) and is addressed to students who begin to learn Russian. The workbook book contains exercises, texts, dialogues that are intended for training and solidifying


В книге представлены рассказы для детей современной писательницы Тамары Крюковой. Это смешные рассказы о жизни и приключениях современных школьников. Добрый юмор очень понравится и детям, и взрослым.


Эти прописи идеальны для современных детей! Прозрачные странички, сквозь которые надо обводить буквы, сделают занятия письмом значительно интереснее и эффективнее.


This is a new and unique linguistic and cultural dictionary that describes gestures and facial expressions that are common among native Russian speakers. It explains the meaning of gestures and expressions and provides examples of situations in which gest

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The book presents a humorous story "The Diary of Koto Sapiens, or the Cat of Reasonable" by contemporary writer Tamara Kryukova. The story is written on behalf of the cat Barsik, who in his diary tells about his adventures. He describes with humor how he


Adapted text of a detective story. Paris, 1878: Eccentric antiquarian Lord Littleby and his ten servants are found murdered in Littleby’s mansion on the rue de Grenelle, and a priceless Indian shawl is missing. Police commissioner “Papa” Gauche recovers only one piece of evidence from the crime scene: a golden key shaped like a whale. Gauche soon deduces...


25 texts from Russian newspapers about youth culture, attitudes to work, modes of entertainment and social problems in contemporary Russia. All materials are adapted for intermediate level. Russian-English vocabulary, a wide range of exercises and keys are included.


Reader with adapted short stories and glossary support for English-speaking students.


Reader with adapted short stories and glossary support for English-speaking students.

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