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Three sections (Meeting People, Family Life, and Customer Service) cover 16 topics. Each topic is presented by a basic text, questions and answers, dialogues and additional materials for more advanced students. Each section contains texts for reading and/or listening. Grammar references, poems, songs and pictures are given in the supplement. Includes...


116 texts for learners of Russian. Different in subjects and levels of difficulty these texts are socially neutral and interesting, have structure for easy retelling and contain lexicon that is important for communication.


A collection of over 100 texts with exercises for students who learn Russian. New lexicon is translated into English. For basic-intermediate level.


The book provides an interesting and clear study of verb formation in Russian. Comprehensive explanations are followed by exercises aimed at the development of practical grammar skills.

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The novels of Kassil (1905-1970) "Conduit" and "Schwambrania" were written separately first. Then the author combined them and edited into a single story "Conduit and Schwambrania." And from that moment on, the history of the Pokrovsk Gymnasium, which lat


A young girl recalls what life was like for her family in Vienna toward the end of World War II.

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Russian for beginners. Part 1 of the two-part course by the the same author. Includes audio supplement on CD.


6th edition of the reader for basic-intermediate level. The reader contains 16 texts (fairy tales and short stories) with questions and exercises.


Bilingual edition (Russian/English) of the great short stories of early American literature: Rip Van Winkle, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the Spectre Bridegroom, the Devil and Tom Walker and others. Washington Irving (1783-1859) is considered the first

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The first of its kind book, offers Russian speakers a detailed introduction to their new country. The book acts as a guide to practical life in the United States for new immigrants, exchange students or those working in the USA. Each chapter addresses a s

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Tests on Russian Language skills. I level. Includes separate tests for Lexicon, Grammar, Audio Comprehension, Reading, Writing, Speaking. (+Answer Keys and Methodical Recommendations for Teachers).


The second part of the popular Russian language course for adults is designed for those who continue to learn Russian at the basic - first level (A2-B1). The course is designed for an average of 80-120 hours. Its task is to ensure the rapid development of various aspects of language and types of speech activity. The textbook combined grammar and...


All vocabulary concerning the topic City is presented in exercises and crossword puzzles.

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This fascinating manual is all you need to dive right into the Russian language. It is intended for students at the beginning level of instruction who want intensive language study. The manual includes all major aspects of Russian grammar: verbs (with co


The textbook was recommended by the Expert Commission of the Russian State testing system for foreign citizens. This textbook is designed for students who begin to study Russian at the college setting. The material of the textbook prepares students for passing Elementary level test in Russian as a foreign language. The course is designed for 100-120...

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The edition consists of word lists, grammatical information and translations into English, German, French, Spanish, and Chinese. it contains lexical minimum and matches the educational standard for basic level. The words are arranged by topics.


This book continues the series ?This is Very Interesting!?. This time it is for older children, 7-10 years olds who learn how to read on their own. This book contains a great collection of stories, specially selected for the kids of this age. The book comes with 2 audio CDs, where the whole text is read, and on one of the CDs there are teaching hints and...


The Book For Kids is intended for children of three to eight years old who live in a non-Russian speaking environment but hear Russian spoken in their families. Learning by this textbook the child will be able to master the alphabet and learn reading and


New 2009 version of the course. The fist part of the course Window to Russia focuses on development of speaking and writing skills at the II-III level (B2-C1). It includes live dialogues, up-to-date information on contemporary Russia, discussions of current problems of the post-Soviet society, work with texts written in different genres and styles. The...


Volume one of the two-volume set for the I level (intermediate). The set represents the third part of the Road to Russia course and intended for intermediate level (B1). Includes audio supplement on CD.


The textbook includes seven themes, each of which takes about 8-10 academic hours to cover. It is aimed at building vocabulary and mastering listening skills, reading, writing, and speaking in the language of mass media. Each topic is complemented with a


A reader designed specially for those who learn Russian and would like to expand their vocabulary and reinforce grammar through reading. This text is a classical Russian piece, written by Alexander Pushkin in 1833. This story tells about a young officer,


Manual for the B2-C1 levels (intermediate-advanced/advanced). Contains six chapters which include theory and exercises for practicing different writing styles. Manual can be used in the classrom and in individual study. Manual offers a grading rubric and


The book is designed for low intermediate students of Russian. It contains various exercises stimulating speaking and listening skills, can be used in classroom discussions and for classroom activities. The audio supplement contains dialogues and oral exercises (173 minutes).


The boardgame includes the domino part on the carton and the 20-page brochure with the rules and recommendations for the teacher.


The manual discusses the most representative semantic categories of reflexive verbs - one of the most difficult topics for students of Russian as a foreign language. The book consists of two parts. The first part provides a linguistic description of each semantic group from the standpoint of learning Russian as a foreign language. The second presents...


Данное издание является частью учебно-методического комплекса «Русский язык: 5 элементов» и представляет собой книгу для преподавателя к учебнику уровня А1 (элементарного). В книге содержатся методические рекомендации по работе с комплексом, поурочные ком

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