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Nadezhda Sergeevna Zhukova, the author of this book, is a well-known Moscow speech therapist, the candidate of pedagogical sciences. She owns original research on the progressive development of children's speech. In his practical work the author preserves


Annotated reader with three stories by Lyudmila Ulitskaya includes exercises, assignments, and a full glossary.


В пособии рассматриваются теоретические вопросы методики преподавания русского языка как иностранного (РКИ), актуальные проблемы этой педагогической науки, приемы обучения речевой деятельности и основным аспектам русского языка. В отличие от других пособ


В книге представлен рассказ "Подпоручик Киже" известного русского писателя первой половины XX века Ю.Н. Тынянова.Основой сюжета рассказа стал исторический анекдот из времен царствования российского императора Павла I. В результате ошибки писаря в документ


Workbook preschool. Development of speech. Speak correctly. For joint studies of children and parents.


In Soviet Russia in 1927, a former member of nobility, Ippolit Vorobyaninov, works as a desk clerk, until his mother-in-law reveals on her deathbed that her family jewelry had been hidden from the Bolsheviks in one of the twelve chairs from the family?s d


The complex is designed for beginners to learn Russian and consists of two parts (1.1 and 1.2), each of which includes a textbook, a workbook and an audio application. Calculated on average 80 - 120 hours of classroom work. The objective of the course is to ensure the rapid output of language material to speech based on the interrelated learning of all...


The workbook is part of the educational and methodical complex Let's go! Russian for adults. Initial course: Part 1.2., Which includes a textbook, a workbook with keys to the course, an audio application. The complex is designed for beginners to learn Russian and consists of two parts (1.1 and 1.2). It is designed on average for 80-120 hours of classroom...


The book presents stories for the children of the modern writer Anna Verbovskaya. The protagonist of the stories is Kostya, he is 9 years old, he is the most ordinary boy. But in his life amazing events begin to occur. So, a complete stranger from a distant city makes a mistake at home and becomes for Kostik as his own uncle. And a Chinese man who came to...


The book contains stories for the children of the modern writer Elena Boroda. These are funny and kind stories about the brothers Dima and Roma, about their parents and friends. They travel together, climb to the top of the mountain, send signals to aliens. The text of the stories is adapted (A2), accompanied by commentary, tasks for reading comprehension...


The publication publishes the novel by A.I. Kuprin 'Pit'. The author formulated his task in the words of one of the heroes: '... Our artists ... for some reason still have bypassed prostitution and the brothel. Perhaps because of squeamishness, cowardice, because of fear of being known as a pornographic writer, finally simply out of fear that our Kumov's...


In 1942, an eighteen-year-old boy, Victor Astafyev, volunteered for the front. He served on the front line, suffered several serious wounds, was awarded the Order of the Red Star and the medal 'For Courage', was discharged in 1945 with the rank of 'ordinary'. The war, seen through the eyes of a simple soldier - one of hundreds of thousands who, in...


The story of Victor Nekrasov 'In the Trenches of Stalingrad' is one of the best works about the Great Patriotic War. This book, surprisingly honest, devoid of ostentatious pathos and false pathos in the image of war, came to readers in 1946. But even today it was written by a subtle psychologist about people who remained people in the most inhuman...


Russian reader with exercises. For students with a vocabulary around 3000 words. The book introduces one of the most popular modern female writers. It contains comments, pre- and post-text exercises, keys to the exercises, vocabulary list and illustrations.


The book introduces one of the most popular modern writers. It contains not adapted text, comments, pre-text exercises, keys to the exercises, vocabulary list and illustrations.


This manual is specifically for foreign students who will be studying in Russia, and who know Russian at least at level B2 and want to become acquainted with Russian theater-musical culture. The purpose of this manual is to prepare pupils for understanding, interpreting and subsequently discussing products from the Russian musical-theater culture. Texts...


The book introduces genitive case of Russian. It consists of three parts and talks about grammar of a genitive case (forms and functions) with examples and comments in English.


The adapted text of the great novel classics of XIX century. The reader contains comments, test tasks, the dictionary, illustrations (photos from the recent movie series based on the novel).


Includes texts from modern Russian media that focus on regional geography and culture. Includes exercises with keys.


The story is not quite about a real bullfight, it is rather about the life choices that people make and the way they justify those for themselves. The story is about how car accident can force someone to reevaluate his goals and aspirations, and change. Total words used: under 2300. Glossary, exercises, illustrations.


This manual is designed for the learners of Russian at the basic level (A2). It helps to reinforce the knowledge of the cases and pretexts. Manual contains tables for conjugating adjectives, index and attributive pronouns, etc. It is recommended for both classroom use and independent work.


A romantic love story by Dostoevsky. The text is adapted for the level of 2300 frequently used words and supplied with stresses. It provides exercises, tests, keys to the exercises, vocabulary and illustrations.


Contains exercises on verbs of motion and verbal aspects. Dialogues and exercises help build speaking skills. Excerpts from contemporary Russian literature are used in exercises.


Anna Karenina is the tragedy of married aristocrat and socialite Anna Karenina and her affair with the affluent Count Vronsky. The reader is illustrated with photos from the Russian feature film (1967). Each chapter of adapted text is concluded with comments and questions for discussion.


A story of a young man from France, who came to Russia to work and to travel. Illustrated with multiple colorful images of various Russian sites.


Level A2. Manual for rescue workers and emergency responders who need to use Russian in their work. Includes lexicon that covers all basic emergency situations and lists common speech patterns and phrases related to various situations.

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