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Introducing our new textbook, Road to Russia, the course for beginning students. It is a completely revised and updated edition of original Russian course Road to Russia. It is written specifically for North American students and is ideally suited for use in undergraduate courses, high schools, and adult education courses. The course consists of 15...


Annotated Russian Reader for Intermediate (B1-B2) Level students that focuses on the verbs of motion. The reader provides ample support for the learner, including marginal glosses, historical-cultural, and grammatical commentaries, as well as a range of exercises on translation, word- formation, vocabulary building, and participles. The story follows the...


?In the Court? was first published in 1886. The story relates to Chekhov?s experiences in 1884-86 when he worked as a substitute country doctor in Zvenigorod. Chekhov was seeing patients, conducted autopsies, and testified in court as an expert witness. Lawyer Serpovsky wrote that Chekhov was interested in the court proceedings and was very well...


Annotated Russian Reader. Level A2-B1. Reader includes funny short stories by Daniil Kharms accompanied by exercises, glossary, footnotes, and commentary.


It is 1918: the Russian Revolution has just ended, Ukraine is in the midst of civil war, and in Kiev, the two Turbin brothers are preparing to fight for the White Guard in the wake of their beloved mother?s death. Friends charge in from the streets amid a


116 texts for learners of Russian. Different in subjects and levels of difficulty these texts are socially neutral and interesting, have structure for easy retelling and contain lexicon that is important for communication.


Пособие обеспечивает овладение системой русского языка на начальном и среднем этапах обучения. Содержит приблизительно 530 пар глаголов, использующихся в общелитературном, разговорном, официальном и социально-публицистическом стилях речи. Глаголы даны с п


Join Douglas Adams's hapless hero Arthur Dent as he travels the galaxy with his intrepid pal Ford Prefect, getting into horrible messes and generally wreaking hilarious havoc. Dent is grabbed from Earth moments before a cosmic construction team obliterate


This is a great collection of short stories for learners of Russian. It is designed for intermediate/advanced level students and it introduces them to the famous and talented Russian authors, such as, Ivan Bunin, Nadezhda Teffi, Arkadii Averchenko, Vladim


The adapted text of the popular mystery novel. The text supplies with the stress, questions and tasks, including testes, keys, English-Russian dictionary, illustrations.


The Insulted and Humiliated. In this novel we see a young man madly in love with a girl from a moderately poor family. This girl falls in love with a very aristocratic prince - a man without principles, but charming in his childish egotism - extremely att


Includes audio CD. This manual is designed for the English speaker at the beginners level, who would like to start speaking Russian and use simple constructs and basic grammar.


Adultery, a bored wife who turns to a marriage into murder, another murder (this time of a child), childbirth in prison, sexual favors and a very nasty ending. There?s a little Shakespeare and a bit of Madame Bovary in this famous Russian novel.


Culture as a factor of the state security. The author is a professor and the Moscow State University, vice-president of Academy of the Russian Literature.

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Considered Andrei Bely's masterpiece, Petersburg, is a pioneering modernist novel, ranked in importance alongside Ulysses, The Metamorphosis, and In Search of Lost Time, that captures Russia's capital during the short, turbulent period of the first social


Little gilrl Peppi has been popular among children for over fifty years now. Beautifully illustrated story about Peppi's adventires in the country house named "Kuritsa".


Dark Alleys are the stories about love written by the greatest Russian author Ivan Bunin.


A colorful glossy bilingual (Russian and English) wall calendar for 2019. Glossy paper, cardboard cover, beautiful photographs. Size: 12 x 12 inches (30 cm x 30 cm).

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Over 100 classical stories. Over 500 colorful illustrations. New Testament with comments and explanations.


Story about Findus who got lost when he was little. Beautiful book with a beautiful story about Findus, a little cat, who once got lost, but then was found by his best friend, kind and caring Petson.


This book describes three days in 1949 in the special prison for scientists, where they allowed to work and invent.


These two novels were written "before the catastrophe", before Dostoevsky was sentenced to death and reprieved.


A wonderful story about homeless children who finally found their home in the School of Individual Education and found support of the teacher and built new friendships. The story takes place after the Russian October Revolution (1917).


A graphic description of life in a Stalin-era labor camp in Siberia. Simple but relentless. One of the best books of the 20th century that stunned the literary world when it was published in 1962. A picture of dehumanization.


Russian Grammar in Pictures for Beginners. The systematized illustrated guide on Russian grammar for students who begin to learn Russian. Can be used both in groups and for self-study. Contains 270 pictures with words. Each of the tables is accompanied wi

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