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This literary almanac includes prose, poetry, essays, interviews, and humoristic short stories. The volume includes works of 56 contemporary Russian writers and poets from all over the world, who at some point in their lives published in the Seagull Magaz

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Boris Akunin has "finished" the play by Anton Chekov by adding to more chapters. He offered his version of how this story might have ended.

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This is a second volume of the Literary Almanac. This Almanac has replaced the almanac called Istoki, but saved all of the authors who wrote for it. In this edition the reader will find memoirs and poetry, prose and essays, humor and short stories - a gre

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100 greatest literary heroes of all times from Gilgamesh to Dunno. Author included characters from Ancient, Asian, American, English, Belgian, Danish, Irish, Italian, Spanish, Latin-American, German, Norwegian, French, Czech, Russian, and Soviet literatur

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The author is known as a theater and film critic, a script writer, and the novelist. She is a finalist of the "National Bestseller" Award. In the new novel readers face the young folk singer Egle, aging bard, soup star and a cunning beauty from Paris, wh

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New novel by Iury Poliakov is about two middle age men who decide to work on the movie script. Poliakov's signature elements are humor, complex plot and slight erotica.

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A mono play about the life of Anna Akhmatova and her generation. Performed by talented actress, Zhanna Vladimirskaia. Outstanding performance and music accompaniment. 2 hours 25 minutes.

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Literary Almanac that replaced almanac called "Istoki", but saved all of the authors who wrote for it. In this edition the reader will find memoirs and poetry, prose and essays, humor and short stories - a great collection and an overview of Russian liter

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The magical power of quantum physics throws Richard and his wife Leslie into some alternative worlds, where they exist simultaneously in many different incarnations ...

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Miniature edition. Has a bookmark and a golden cut. Illustrated.

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Sometimes, when you open the door to thepast, what you confront is your destiny. Reclusive author Vida Winter, famous for her collection of twelve enchantingstories, has spent the past six decades penning a series of alternate livesfor herself. Now old an

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comedy in verse, satirizing the society of post-Napoleonic Moscow, or, as a high official in the play styled it, "a pasquinade on Moscow." The play, written in 1823 in the countryside and in Tiflis, was not passed by the censorship for the stage, and only

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Based on the true story this book tells about two women, who were shooters during WWII, and their lives during and after the war.

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For the first time in Russian: a love story between the beautiful widow Loredana and the Dominican mystic-revolutionary Orso. This love story unfolds in the beginning of the 16th century in Venice's two levels-a personification of Leonardo da Vinci's ide

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