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Mo lives high on a shelf in an airport gift shop. All day he watches as families walk past. He can't help but feel lonely. Mo wants a family. He wants a home. Then one day Mo's wish for a family comes true as a special couple take him on a marvelous journey to meet his new best friend, Yuri. Mo has lots of questions once he gets to his destination. Where...

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The story of Rodislav and Luba Romanov continues. This time they do not forsee the dangerous events in the future.

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Annotated Russian Reader for Intermediate (B1-B2) Level students that focuses on the verbs of motion. The reader provides ample support for the learner, including marginal glosses, historical-cultural, and grammatical commentaries, as well as a range of exercises on translation, word- formation, vocabulary building, and participles. The story follows the...

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Culture as a factor of the state security. The author is a professor and the Moscow State University, vice-president of Academy of the Russian Literature.

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Общее время звучания - 4 часа 47 минут Диск содержит 79 треков в формате mp3, видеоклипы МР3: 192 Кб/с, 44,1 кГц

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Москву недаром называют новым Вавилоном. Множество языков, человеческих судеб и страстей пересекаются в этом удивительном городе. Но порой столкновение традиционного уклада, радушия, гостеприимства и нового ритма жизни приводит к неожиданным последствиям…

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The seminal work of the French Sociologist Roger Caillois, a translation of Les jeux et les hommes (1958). It is an influential book on the sociology of play and games, or rather in Caillois' terms sociology derived from play. Caillois sees many of the st

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English subtitles. Running time: 94 minutes. Artist's destiny during tumultuous time of social transformation in 1920s.

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Fairytale. Mosfil'm, 1953. Color. Running time 90 minutes. Subtitles: Russian, English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and more.

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Animation. Bremenskie muzykanty, Po sledam bremenskikh muzykantov, Kot v sapogakh.

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English subtitles. Action. 2003. Running time 110 minutes. Not recommended for children under 16.

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An examination of the idea of 'utopia' and how the idea of it was evolving in the history of the US, USSR, the Third Reich, and in the epoch of posmodern thought.

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Drama/Tragedy. Len'film. 1964 B/W. Running time: 104 minutes. Director: Kozintsev. Composer: Shostakovich. Hamlet: Innokentii Smoktunovsky. Subtitles: Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian.

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Drama. Running time: 131 minutes. No sub-titles. Based on the story by the Strugatsky Brothers: Za milliard let do kontsa sveta.

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132 min. Director: G.Kozintsev. Translation from English by B.Pasternak.

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137 min. Subtitles in Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, etc.

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Fully resored picture and sound. English subtitles. Running time: 163 minutes.

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This new documentary film from Nikita Mikhalkov ('Burnt by the Sun') traces the fate of emigrants from the 'first war,' mainly the so-called 'war immigrants.' The authors attempt to understand the motivations for these people, how their lives took shape o

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The film is based on the Chekov play 'Tatiana Repina' and the short story 'Difficult People.' At his wedding, the groom is horrified to see in the church crowd, his former mistress - who had recently committed suicide. In Russian with subtitles in Russi

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30 minutes. In color and B/W. Biographical documentary on the poet and Nobel prize winning author. Pasternak is also well known inside of Russia for his translations of Shakespeare.

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A mono play about the life of Anna Akhmatova and her generation. Performed by talented actress, Zhanna Vladimirskaia. Outstanding performance and music accompaniment. 2 hours 25 minutes.

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