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This new documentary film from Nikita Mikhalkov ('Burnt by the Sun') traces the fate of emigrants from the 'first war,' mainly the so-called 'war immigrants.' The authors attempt to understand the motivations for these people, how their lives took shape o

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The film is based on the Chekov play 'Tatiana Repina' and the short story 'Difficult People.' At his wedding, the groom is horrified to see in the church crowd, his former mistress - who had recently committed suicide. In Russian with subtitles in Russi

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30 minutes. In color and B/W. Biographical documentary on the poet and Nobel prize winning author. Pasternak is also well known inside of Russia for his translations of Shakespeare.

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A mono play about the life of Anna Akhmatova and her generation. Performed by talented actress, Zhanna Vladimirskaia. Outstanding performance and music accompaniment. 2 hours 25 minutes.

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Children who have problems at school or with friends, or with parents, children who disobey, children who are being bullied and who are too shy are always suffer mainly because of their family dynamics. Author of this book offers simple and effective appr

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This film is based on the early stories by the outstanding Soviet writer Maxim Gorky. There are several interwoven love lines in this beautiful, poetic drama: between the horse thief Zobar (played by Grigore Grigoriu) and the beautiful Gypsy girl Rada (p

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Poetry by Joseph Brodsky read by Zhanna Vladimirskaia in this mono-play.

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Reference book for parents-emigrants who raise 0-3-yearold children. Volume includes daily advice and recommendations, along with reference on peculiarities of child development.

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During WW2 the Russian Army sent a special group named "Zvezda" to fight the Nazis in their backyard.

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Sports melodrama. English subtitles. Running time: 80 minutes.

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Arrival in Primorsk new head of the district department of the Internal Affairs Directorate Colonel Ganetsky becomes for the head of the search, Egor Zhzhonov, an unpleasant surprise. By that time, Zhzhenov had imposed a relative order on the territory en

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This is a unique project timed to the 400th anniversary of the accession of the Romanovs' house in Russia, combining elements of the feature and documentary films, information graphics and animation. History will tell you what the Russian autocracy was li

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The author envisages a scenario where the truce between the USSR and Nazi Germany remained in force and Nazi forces were instead able to seize the Suez canal, advance on Dehli and control the skies over the United Kingdom.

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The author is a former spy. The subject of his book is the Russian scientist, Vitalii Vorontsov. As he attended a symposium in Germany, American agents tried to recruit him as a spy.

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Faiz Akhmad Faiz was a renowned Pakistani poet, and one of the most famous poets of the Urdu language. He was a member of the Anjuman Tarraqi Pasand Mussanafin-e-Hind (All India Progressive Writers' Movement) and an avowed Marxist. In 1962, he was awarded

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This edition contains recorded conversations between W.H.Auden (English-American poet) and Alan Ansen, his student, aslo a poet. Those conversations took place in 1946-1947.

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