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Отрывки из прозы и стихотворений. Параллельные тексты (английский и русский).


Полный текст произведения с ударениями и комментариями. Параллельные тексты (английский и русский).


Сборник рассказов и открывков из разных произведений с новым переводом на английский язык.


Вашингтон Ирвинг - новеллист, очеркист, историк, библиограф - первый американский писатель, завоевавший европейское признание для себя и американской национальной литературы. Истоки романтических рассказов Ирвинга - в английской и американской просветител

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This edition of Shakespeare's classics has new translations by modern poets. 'Macbeth,' translated by Vladimir Gandelsman, is the shortest of Shakespeare's tragedies, concerning an elaborate scheme to steal the Scottish throne with murder, treachery and betrayal. 'Hamlet,' translated by Alexey Tsvetkov, is Shakespeare's longest play. It tells the story...


Ignatova?s verse is highly concentrated?rich with aromas and colors and the sometimes bitter hint of what is left unsaid. Particular words or motifs gain intensity as they repeat through varied contexts. Her verse is classical, with effective but traditional versification and frequent shades of Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, Mandelstam and of course Pushkin....

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Anzhelina Polonskaya consciously guards her outsider status, choosing to live not in Moscow itself, but in Malakhovka, where she was born in 1969, some thirty miles from the center of the city, a peaceful enclave far from the daily squabbles of Moscow literary life. As often as she can, she escapes from the oppressive social and political atmosphere of...

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