Анна Каренина / Anna Karenina

Sales price: $25.00

Anna Karenina is the tragedy of married aristocrat and socialite Anna Karenina and her affair with the affluent Count Vronsky. The reader is illustrated with photos from the Russian feature film (1967). Each chapter of adapted text is concluded with comme

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Аргументация. 10 уроков для начинающих авторов / Argumentation. 10 Lessons for Beginning Authors

Sales price: $12.00

10 types of argumentation and ways of using them.

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Артур и минипуты / Arthur and the Minimoys

Sales price: $29.95

Deep underground, the Minimoys are waiting . . . for a champion. Arthur's grandfather disappeared four years ago. All he left behind are his notebooks full of stories about little - known African tribes - including the Minimoys, a miniature people who are

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Атлас мира с наклейками и картой / World Atlas with Stickers and Wall Map

Sales price: $19.95

World atlas will teach children about different continents, countries, and peoples. The book includes a set of stickers and a wall world map.

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Багаж. Русская грамматика с упражненииами / Luggage. Russian Grammar with Exercises

Sales price: $45.00

The book contains basic Russian grammar explanations as well as exercises, games and contests covering the most important sections of practical grammar.

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Бедная Лиза / Poor Liza

Sales price: $5.00

“Poor Liza”, written in 1792, was one of the first of its kind: Russian sentamentalism based on the Western/European model. This was the beginning of secular literature in Russia. “Poor Liza” is a story about the sad fate of a country girl who has fallen

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Белые ночи / White Nights

Sales price: $10.00

A romantic love story by Dostoevsky. The text is adapted for the level of 2300 frequently used words and supplied with stresses. It provides exercises, tests, keys to the exercises, vocabulary and illustrations.

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Библия для детей / Bible for Children

Sales price: $39.95

Beautifully illustrated Bible for children.

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Большая книга картинок и слов / The Big Book of Pictures and Words

Sales price: $33.00

В картинках и словах этой книги изображен целый мир, окружающий ребенка: дом со всеми комнатами и множество вещей в них, растения и животные, городской транспорт корабли и самолеты.

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Большая книга русских сказок / The Big Book of Russian Fairy Tales

Sales price: $29.95

В книгу вошли следующие сказки: Золотой колокольчик, Соломенный бычок, Заяц и ворона, Лягушка-путешественница, Мышь и воробей, Лиса и Журавль, Гуси-Лебеди, Рукавичка, Мужик, медведь и лиса, Кот-господин и лисица, Теремок мухи, Лиса и лапоть, Барсук и лиса

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Большой англо-русский словарь / Complete English-Russian Dictionary

Sales price: $52.95

Over 250 000 entries. Big format.

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Большой англо-русский словарь слов и словосочетаний / Big English-Russian Dictionary of Words and Phrases

Sales price: $29.95

New edition of the famous dictionary. 250 000 words and phrases, that include contemporary lexicon. Big format, white paper.

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Большой англо-русский словарь. В новой редакции / Complete English-Russian Dictionary. New Edition

Sales price: $29.95

10-th edition of the famous dictionary. Over 220 000 entries. Big format, white paper. Besides the usual lexicon, also contains idiomatic expressions.

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Большой англо-русский экономический словарь / Big English-Russian Economic Dictionary

Sales price: $19.95

Настоящий словарь включает в себя около 18 000 слов и словосочетаний. В словарь включены термины, словосочетания и фразеологические обороты по следующим разделам экономики: банковское и биржевое дело, экономика предприятия, торговля и кредит.

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Большой грамматический словарь. В 2 книгах / Big Grammar Dictionary. In 2 volumes

Sales price: $74.95

This dictionary presents the various grammatical forms of a word as it changes; it also contains grammatical characteristics of words which don't change, as well as auxiliary parts of speech.

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Большой лингвострановедческий словарь / Big Linguistic Dictionary of Regional Geography

Sales price: $69.95

Big Linguistic Dictionary of Regional Geography. Over 2 000 entries cover all basic cultural phenomena, holidays, history, mentality, art, movies, cuisine, religion, crafts, traditions, nature, and languages of Russia. Plenty of color photographs and repr

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Большой русско-английский словарь / Big Russian-English Dictionary

Sales price: $29.95

Over 120 000 entries. New edition includes new lexicon!

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Большой словарь русской разговорной речи / Big Dictionary of Spoken Russian Language

Sales price: $34.95

Big Dictionary of Spoken Expressive Language. Over 15 000 entries. Each entry is illustrated with an example.

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Большой толковый словарь русских существительных / Big Explanatory Dictioanry of Russian Nouns

Sales price: $49.95

Словарь содержит свыше 15 000 существительных и является комплексным по способу их описания.

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Братья Карамазовы / Brothers Karamazovs

Sales price: $39.95

This film captures Dostoevsky's final classic novel: The Brothers Karamazov.

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